Let your eyes shine bright with Bausch + Lomb newest Lacelle Daimond Daily

Lacelle daimond daily launch 3

Coloured contact lenses are as important as your makeup nowadays. By just changing the colour of your eyes, you entire look will be different too.

I love my coloured contact lenses, I wear them daily. Sometimes, you would want to spice things up with more unparalleled sparkle that it brings to your eyes.

Introducing Bausch & Lomb newest daily disposable coloured contact lenses inspired by the glittering power of diamonds: Lacelle Diamond Daily.


Review: Sua-So Skin Treatment Foundation

SuaSo Skin Treatment Foundation Malaysia Review_7460

Being a working mom, multitasking products are definitely up my alley. There is a new product in town, proudly created by a Malaysian brand: Sua-So Skin treatment foundation.

This 2-in-1 product offers combination of both skin treatment and base makeup for that daily glowing skin. For working mom like me, this is definitely a lifesaver.


Korean beauty haul with Althea Korea

Althea Korea birthday haul_7409

Hello lovelies,

Life has been so packed for me these days. If you read my recent posts, you would know why. Nothing like an online retail therapy to help ease the stress.

Thank you to Althea Korea and BPM for this special haul. These are fresh all the way from Korea and I’m so excited to share it with your guys.


My new Japanese makeup obsession – Kiss Me, Heroine Make, Bifesta

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _3715 (1)

It has been few weeks since I last blogged, I do miss it. June was the month I started to go back to work in the hospital and being a full-time working mum is tough. Everything seemed to take twice as long i.e getting ready to work etc. My milk supply was depleting especially since it was fasting month and I was pretty dehydrated. Clinic was super busy, I didn’t even have time to pump. :-‘( Then came Raya and life became so busy and exhausting for me.

I just have to tell myself ‘Do the best thing for your family regardless of what everybody else is saying’. Enough ranting already.

So thank you readers for still sticking to this blog now & then. Cosmephilia is my ‘baby’ too. I’ll try my best to keep updating it.

This time I’m sharing a few Japanese makeup products from Kiss Me x Heroine Make x Bifesta workshop that I attended in April (I think). I have a special heart for Japanese makeup and I was so happy to be able to attend it. Below I’m sharing a few makeup products that are worth checking out.


Review: New reformulated LipIce Sheer Color

LipIce sheer color new formula review malaysia _9230

Selamat Hari Raya everyone… A huge busy life typhoon has hit me and I was overwhelmed. Sorry for not updating the blog for few weeks >_<”’ I don’t even have time to take care of my skin. My lips are dry and chapped. To help with that, I am going old skool using my highschool fav lip balm: LipIce Sheer Color.