I went to a wedding yesterday and was pretty excited to finally get a chance to use my Kanebo makeup makeover voucher which I’ve got from Vanity Trove March 2013 beauty box.
(yay for vouchers)

Lunasol Fresh Spring colours

I’ve decided having the makeover at Parkson Pavilion as I wanted to stop by Sephora too.
They were really nice when I called to book a session 3 days earlier.

So, I arrived 5 mins early and the Kanebo girl, Jayce already waiting for me. She gave me the most polite warm welcome.That was nice. I must admit that I did wore a tinted lip balm and dust powder foundation lighty even though I’m supposed to go there bare-faced.

After removing my make up, I’ve get the chance to test Kanebo’s Blanchir Superior White Deep facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Then, the actual makeover. I managed to steal 3-4 points of make up lesson for my face shape. Jayce was really friendly too. I like how she explained step by step of what product she’s applying to my face.

Bonus: I got my brow groomed too.

Here the face products that I get to test during the make over.

I ended up choosing a more natural glowy look for the night and I’m planning to wear red.
Jayce have done beautifully on even out my skin tone and she makes my complexion brighter. I love it. 
The supposed to be 45min makeover session ends after 1 and 15mins. I feel so pampered. The last makeover I had was in 2006 with Anna Sui. But Jayce has made my experience more fun.
I wish I was able to try more bright colourful eye shadow and lip colour next time. Well I did gather some inspirations with Kanebo Lunasol range. Here’s some pictures and I shall see u guys later.
The lovely Jayce
On our arrival to the ballroom

End of the night with the bride and groom.
My makeup still looks flawless

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