Its time for a review! I’m going to discuss about eyeshadow duo by Kate. I got the shade BR1. I think it stands for Brown.

I’ve been eyeing Kate products for a while.  I’m intrigued with the campaign pictures.  It’s not usually girly,  cutie wide eyed girl look that Japanese ad usually potrayed.  This ad potrayed womanly,  sexy,  sultry vampirish look instead.

But,  when I browse the eyeshadow pallete,  they’re mainly shimmering that looks best for girly look.  I guess sparkles do look good in any style anyway.

I got this from Vanity Trove March 2013. I’ve used this eyeshadow duo for the last 3 weeks and to me its pretty ok.  It’s not so pigmented and the two shades blended well.

It’s soft shimmery colours and not chalky at all.  So, there’s not fall out.
For my tanned skin tone,  I would have to apply at least 2 layers for the colours to shine through.  I love the dark brown colour. At time it has a bronzy hue.
The brown shadow also blended easily with matt brown colour and I love when there’s the contrast of texture.
Sometimes I like to apply the cream champagne colour as a soft highlights on the centre of upper eyelid and below the brow bone.
The shadows only last for approximately 6hours on my superoily eyelid even though I’m using eye shadow primer. 

PRO: cute,  compact packaging,  loves the 2 sweet shimmering shades. Easy to blend.  Perfect for travel.
CONS: not long lasting or as pigmented

In my recent YouTube video, I did a 5 minutes makeup challenge. This eyeshadow is perfect for a simple, quick, rushing-to-go-now look.

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