Last Friday I was in Midvalley Megamall for a mini catch up with besties If &  Nodee for a dinner after work.

Yes,  dinner at Pasta Zanmai was delish.  I love the twist on Italian Japanese fusion food.
By the end of the night,  we’re headed back to the car and noticed this super long queue at Body Shop.  It was 10.45pm.

Surprise surprise there was a massive sale up to 70%.

Can’t help myself not to stop by and have a look.  Most products on the shelf have 10% off including men care.  Makeup 20%. Home Fragrances 20%. The 50% – 70% discounts are for products placed on main table.

Being a beauty products junkie, I grabbed some stuff and this is my mini haul! 

You wouldn’t want to miss a good bargain for Body Shop’s body butter. It was 50% off. I really love my old Passionfruit Body Butter the last time. This time I grabbed Satsuma Body Butter and also Brazil Nut Body Butter for my bestie, Siti. Satsuma body butter for normal skin and Brazil Nut body butter is catered for dry skin. Didn’t managed to get body butter duo as its only 20% off. The smell of satsuma orange is so refreshing and I couldn’t help picturing the sun rise every time i smelled this body butter. It’s breakie orange juice for the skin. Yumm!

 I also grabbed Neroli Jasmin body lotion. After 70% discount its only 9 bucks. The Neroli Jasmin shower gel is cheap too but I’m not fond of Body Shop’s shower gel consistency. This smell heavenly soft and romantic.

 Next are Pink Grapefruit Body Butter. These cute travel sized body butter are unbearably cheap, so I bought two. I planned to put this my car glove box for the ‘late to work’ morning. Recently, I noticed that I’m a sucker for fresh, fruity smell especially this month. These babies are not too overbearingly sweet orangey smell like Satsuma. I simply love the kick of zest.

In total, I spent around RM75 for RM230 (before discount). I did received an additional 10% discount for being a Body Shop member. Yay for more discounts! As per email from Body Shop, they’re having online sale (even higher discounts) on their Estore too.

Body Shop Malaysia Estore

 Happy ending for a good meal and catching up with friends.

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