I’m a mask addict. Current obsession is sheet mask of course. Because of my busy schedule and long working hours, my skin is often dehydrated and damaged need more TLC then usual. 

My skin is not perfect, prone to adult acne and blemishes but its much better now. I used to have hideous acne, scarring and hyperpigmention.  Scars are still there but fading. Personally I found wearing mask do help with treating skin, deeply nourishing it.

Since I’m using lots of mask, I’ve decided to start a weekly review on masks hence the title: “Maskin’ Monday”. 
My first review is on  Touch in SOL Sweet Honey  sheet mask. Got this at Watson for RM 5.90 per sheet. 
One sheet mask contains 21ml / 0.74 fl oz of essence.
On the packaging it claims 
“to replenishes and revitalises skin, restoring its natural suppleness and moisture levels while alleviating and soothing soreness, redness and cracking. Ultimate lift collagen from milk is perfect for a mini express facial, to cool, tighten and refresh skin”
The packaging is simple, cute design with high quality plastic wrapping. Not so flimsy. 
When I unwrap the mask in come out folded and there’s no plastic sheet folded together with the cloth. I like it this way as the plastic layer doesn’t interfere with the actually sheet mask when I’m infolding. The sheet mask also unfolded easily. Not tearing at all.
The sheet mask fits perfectly over my face. The space between my nose and upper lip is slightly thicker but it doesn’t bother me much. The thickness of sheet mask is adequate, and it is slightly stretchable. 
The essence is watery, clear in colour and has a super sweet smelling.
The consistency of the essence is gel like, viscosity is light. 
I wore the mask for 30 min. Its cooling and felt hydrating. Within the 20min the mask is not drying at all. I love the sweet smelling essence. After removing the mask my skin felt hydrated, not oily and no sticky feeling at all. My cheeks felt supple and looks much rejuvenated. 
Moisturising and hydrating. Sweet smelling. Much needed treatment for mini spa session at home. Overall its a great mask at a affordable price. 
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Let me know what you think! :)