As this is only a sample, the packaging is basic, small packet contains mud mask. The design is flowery with lilac coloured background. I received this sample in my Vanity Trove. Not too sure what is the full sized packaging for  this mask. 
Texture: This mud mask is thick in consistency. Easy to apply and not runny at all. I apply this with a face brush to ensure even thickness and all skin surface are cover. The mask is white in colour and have no fragrance/scent.  
Application: I scrubbed my face with my favourite St. Ives’s Apricot scrub first. Then I apply the mask, thicker at under the eyes area where I already have wrinkles and also at frown, crow’s feet area. This mask doesn’t sting my skin at all. As it dries, I can feel tightening of my skin.
I leave it on for about 30minutes. By 15 mins the mask already dried out at the thin area. Like normal mud mask it cracked as it dries. But I can still feel the tightening and firming effect of the ask even if it dried out. 

This mask does what it says. As antiaging mask, it does tighten and lift the facial skin. 
Its thick consistency makes this mask easy to apply and stay on the skin. While wearing the mask I can easily moves around doing some housechores without the fear that the mask may slip and slide. 
This is one good tightening/ lifting mask. 

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