Hello…Hi..Excuse my hiatus, but i’m back!

Let’s just start with my Maskin’ Monday review. As you all know i love sheet masks.
This time i would like to share my experience wearing foot sheet mask.

I bought this at Sasa. They were having a sale of 2 masks for the price of one. I picked up the Sasatinnie Paraffin foot mask along with the hand mask in the same line.
However, I have not tried the hand mask yet.

This mask contains one pair of foot mask and contains  15g / 0.53 fl oz of essence.

On the packaging it was written
“Moisture boost Paraffin foot mask. Your feet needs to drink water too”

-_-”’ I know… I know… My feet would have any ‘mouth’ or ‘hole’ to drink water. I take it as a cheesy tag line instead.

Moving on…


The packaging is a simple aluminium packet with pink colour design. It is rather sturdy and hard to tear up the aluminum foil. Inside there is a pair of half plastic half sheet boot shape mask drenched in essence.
My first impression is “Hmmm…this is not too bad”. It is quite easy for me to unfold the sheet mask. The essence is inside the folded boot mask. There’s double layer of plastic where the is a thicker plastic outside which is dry.

I have a size 6 feet. The ‘boot’ feet mask is quite large considering they wanted to accomodate larger sized feet. I wore the mask like I put on real boots. I can easily insert my foot into each mask easily.  The length of the mask is up to 4cm above my ankle. So, yeah pretty huge. 
The essence is fluidy, clear in colour and has no fragrance. I was expecting a thicker consistency since this mask is for thick-skinned feet. However, the viscosity is pretty light, More suitable for face mask. 
In the instruction, we supposed to wear the mask for 20 mins., so I did.  It felt cooling while wearing the mask. I didn’t step on the mask, I just lie down on my bed as I’m afraid that the mask might fell off my feet. Within the 20min the mask is not drying at all. After removing the mask my feet felt hydrated and no sticky feeling at all. I rubbed the essence up to my calf after I removed the mask. Both of my feet felt rejuvenated. Sadly not for long. After 10-15mins or so, my feet felt dry but the cooling sensation stayed on for a long time. 
This is my first time wearing foot mask. The mask is cooling but it didn’t give me the “oh, my feet just drink a fountain of water kind-a-feeling’. It is slightly hydrating but boy, my feet do feel cool and refreshed. I did apply a foot cream (my favourite is Ellgy) afterwards as I feel that my feet needs more pampering after wearing the mask. 
This is a cheap mask however I think I wouldn’t repurchase it next time.

Now I have a mixed (more negative) feeling on the paraffin hand mask. Eeeek!
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