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Today I’m going to review the NEW Sephora Natural Therapy Masks which just released this month, October 2013. Sephora Malaysia is the first retailer to launch them in South East Asia. 
Quoting from their facebook page, the Sephora Natural Therapy Masks have a range of 10 delicious and therapeutics flavours, made with unique natural active ingredients to complement your mood and combat daily skin concerns.
Having the white card membership, I received an email to pick up a free mask exclusive from Sephora. I was so excited as I’m a mask junkie, to receive one for FREE is like eating the icing on the cake. 
These are the first Sephora sheet masks. 
I had to tell the Sephora girls which top 3 flavours that I most interested on. It was Rose, Pearl and Green Tea. I received 1 sheet of Sephora Natural Therapy Green Tea mask. 

On the packaging, Green Tea mask is made of natural green tea leaf extract made in Spain whichexcellent  for mattifying & anti-blemish properties. 
Moving on to the review…

The packaging is eye-catching bright coloured discs. There are circular outer paper packaging with ingredient list and contains semi circle plastic packaging which contains the actual mask. One mask contains 25g / 0.88 oz of essence. 
It is easy to peel of the edge of packaging seal. Inside there’s a folded mask into a quarter. 

It take me a few minutes to unfold the mask as its pretty stuck together when folded. There is a dented ‘S’ design on the fabric, which intrigue me a little. To me, the mask doesn’t fit me at all. It is too wide that the horizontal edges cover both of my ear but not fully. I do feel like I have extra ears flapping over the side of the face and I don’t really like this. Otherwise, the hole for the eyes, nose and mouth fits nicely. 

Textured mask fabric

The essence is transparent in colour and has a this weird green tea smell.
The consistency of the essence is thin with light viscosity.
There is immediate fresh, cooling feelings when you first put it on. After 30 mins the mask is still fresh and not dried out at all. After removing the mask my skin felt soft, hydrated and fresh. I then rubbed the essence into my skin in circular motions and essence absorbed well 
This rainbow- coloured masks have great packaging however I’m disappointed that the mask doesn’t fits well. Who would want an ‘elephant ears’ flapping on the side of one face.  It is a well moisturising scented mask. My skin does feels hydrated after application. However, I don’t feel that Sephora would give me THE luxurious feel of wearing facial mask if compared to asian-brand sheet masks. 
The Sephora Natural Therapy Masks is priced at RM10 for single sheet and RM40 for 5 piece pack. 
They’re available at your nearest Sephora boutique. 
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  1. Salam, and hello there!
    I went to Sephora Suria KLCC yesterday and noticed these masks. I really wanna pick it up ( even considering of picking up the whole box of 5) but I decided to go home to do some research on them first and you’re like the 5th person who doesn’t like the huge mask sheet. Sigh.
    Though I’m I fell in love with it almost instantly, cause of the lovely packaging hehe, but I guess I’ll just grab one sheet next time to see if it really works in terms of its affect on our skin.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com

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