I has been asked about this skin care since I posted a instagram picture for #30daysmalaysianbeautychallenge a while ago. So, I thought of giving my review on Freshel skin care which pretty new in Malaysia. 

I’ve been using Freshel products for almost 3-4 months, so my review would based on this short time frame. I bought them from Watson, but you may find them in Aeon or Parkson beauty section. 

Time-saving Skincare: For busy people who want to stay beautiful. 

That tag line that drawn me is the first place. Due to my real job, as a doctor, I do have long working hours and sometimes on-call (which meant that I’ll work for more than 24 hours straight). I get up at 5.30am and has been be off to work by 6am to beat traffic and start my work at 7.30am. I do live 1 hour away from hospital (Rawang – Putrajaya), morning usually pretty tight for me. 

When I was a junior doctor, my skin was horrendous, I suffered from severe adult acne. My working hours was even longer, the stress was high and I don’t even take care of my skin properly. My skin was dull, not hydrated and zits scarring was really terrible. I do still suffer from adult acne, but it is much better now. 

No matter what your skin type is, it is important to have a skin care ritual,  at least Wash-> Tone-> Moisturise. My skin needed more tender, loving care. But lack of time was an issue. I don’t have a full hour or so for skin care. Heck, sometimes I don’t have time to shower in the mornings. 

Freshel give me an option, a brilliantly good option to still take care of my skin while rushing to go doing things that I love i.e being a doctor. 

A high quality skin care series that offers multifactorial items containing carefully-selected ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, and technologies to quickly and surely provide ingredients developed based on years if cosmetic research by skin specialists

It is owned by Kanebo, a well- known cosmetic brand in Japan. It is a multi-functional all-in-one skincare specially developed for busy people who want to stay beautiful. Its regime is also simple and its products are suitable to young or matured skin, men or women. 

Freshel skincare range includes their award winning Mineral BB cream, All-in-one Gel, Cleansing range and Lotions. I’m using only their cleansing foam and All-in-one Gel, so my review would be only on these products. 

A little bit on their Mineral BB cream. There are 4 types : pore cover, UV, moist and EX (extra). all is a 5 in 1 BB cream : essence + emulsion + cream + sunscreen + tinted makeup base.  They are available in 2 shades, NB Natural Beige and MB Medium Beige. Each retails for RM 59 each except EX is RM 67. 
They also included a Freshel BB Mineral Powder for BB cream finisher and light covering powder  available in only 1 shade, which retails for RM 59. 

Freshel also offer lotions for a targeted skin woes: Whitening lotion, Moisture lotion and Ex (extra) Moisture lotion. It retails around RM 52 to RM 59. 

Freshel Clear Soap


In the cleansing range, they have Freshel cleansing lotion, cleansing cream, pack & massage foam and  clear soap. I have been using Freshel clear soap for a few weeks now. It is a 2-in-1 face wash and pack. It removes impurities well and I been using it with my Etude house face brush. The thick cream easily turn into soft foam with little water. It contains Morroccan Ghassoul clay which helps remove dirt and blackheads from pores. It’s fragrance free and contains no artificial colouring. 

Ghassoul clay
I only use a pea-size for face wash and triple the amount for clay mask. As a mask, I apply the products thoroughly concentrating to my T-zone, Jaw line and nose and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After washing with water, my skin feels clean and fresh. I also like that my skin feels hydrated and not tight. 

Thick consistency of face wash

Freshel Clear Soap as pack

Soft cotton-feel foam perfect when in use with face brush

After washing my face, I would then apply Freshel All-in-one gel and then apply makeup. It is a one-step skin care that penetrates into the skin smoothly and hydrates the skin all day. This whitening gel controls melanin generation and prevents spots and freckles. The Freshel All-in-one gel is a 5-in-1 product: essence + emulsion + lotion + cream + moisturising makeup base. 

Freshel Whitening UV Gel

“A cosmoceutical and whitening perfect gel that hydrates skin and makes it translucent”

There are 4 types:
Freshel Whitening All-in-one Gel

I’m using the first one. Retail price is RM 67 but I bought it for a discount in Watson.
My Freshel whitening UV all-in-one gel has whitening essence and sun block with SPF 26 PA++. I love this as the thick gel turns into this watery cream that absorbs into the skin well after a few seconds. My skin doesn’t felt sticky or oily at all. My skin is smooth,feel super hydrated and soft. It provides a smooth, hydrated canvas for my base make up. I noticed that my base make up doesn’t set into fine lines and my skin stayed well moisturised. 

Thick creamy gel
Although there is sun block, this product doesn’t have any funky sun-blocky smell and my skin is not oily unlike if I’m wearing conventional sun block. My does not burn as easily and as for the whitening effect, I didn’t see much of a difference. However, this is a good moisturiser + sun block + face cream.  

Before: Dry, Taut skin
After: Soft, smooth, moisturised skin. Look at the glow.
(picture is not retouch)
This is one of my best beauty find this year and I love it. I can’t wait to try their BB cream next. I would definitely recommend Freshel skincare range to my sisters and friends especially with super busy lifestyle. 

You can check their Facebook page or official website for more information

                               Freshel Malaysia facebook page

                              FRESHEL MALAYSIA WEBSITE

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