Lip balm is my MUST HAVE product. I’ll die if I can’t find any lip balm within easy reach. Hence the reasons why I have so many of them lying around the house, inside most of handbags and even in my car’s glove box. You will high likely find Maybelline’s Baby Lips among all my lip balms collection. 

I finally grabbed the Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue! Yay!! Sometimes I do think I just want a plain ol lip balm with no tint or shimmer. I have been in love with The BodyShop Vitamin E lip balm and have repurchase it more than 5 times but I think I’ve found a better, cheaper alternative. 
Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue comes in 2 flavours: Icy Mint and Fresh Mint. 
On the packaging, they described it as the Repair Balm with SPF 30. 

“The next generation of lip balm is born. Adult Strength care for baby soft lips.”
1) Deep repairing care 
infused with camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil to soothe, moisture and heal chapped lips

2) 12 HR Moisture for anti-cracks and anti-chaps
Hydra Repair technology instantly wraps the lips with moisture and protection that last for all day

Directions: Turn base 1-2 times for usage. Reapply when lips exposed to strong sun, wind or cold for maximum protection
The packaging is basic and same as normal stick form of lip balm. ICY MINT is in baby blue and FRESH MINT is in pastel soft green. 

I bought these from Watson and it costed RM10.90 each.  I bet you can easily find it all drug stores- Watson, Guardian or Caring pharmacy. 

Compared to each other, the formula is the same. However, Icy mint does have stronger smell and strong minty taste. (the scent is similar to ‘Minyak Cap Kapak’ or ‘Vicks’)  -_-”’

Maybelline Baby Lips-Dr. Rescue works really well just like my other Baby Lips lip balm with the added bonus of the minty scent/flavours really makes you feel that you’re doing more than hydrating your lips. You’re treating your lips with this super portable, cute and cheap lip balm. 

I’m so happy that I have my hands on these two. I think Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue is so versatile, men can use it too. I gave it one of them to my husband as he has super chapped lips, and he loves it. No scent nor tint and packaging is unisex-ish. The only downside is it’s name. I don’t think any men would fancy imagining their lips turning into baby-like. (heck, I personally think the word ‘baby’ threw him off)

Do you like Maybelline Baby Lips too? Comment below and tell me your favourite?

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