Hello! It is ain’t a Monday Blues for me today as it is Christmas this week and I took leave from work for a week. Public holiday is just another reason for me to take some time off. 

Today I’m going to review My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask. My Beauty Diary is a popular Taiwanese brand for sheet masks. I have always love their masks. 
This one contains pearl powder essence which is good for whitening, brightening, nourishing and repairing effect. 


It is a small simple plastic packaging containing one sheet mask. It is easy to rip open the packaging to reveal a folded white sheet mask drenched in essence. 

The sheet mask is white in colour with colourless essence. The essence has a refreshing and floral scent. The sheet mask is not too thick or thin that it is easily break. The essence is light fluid like consistency. 

As I unfolding the sheet mask, essence runs through my fingers showing that It is rasher too fluidy. The sheet mask sits perfectly  do the contour of my face. It doesn’t sting my skin at all. As it dries, I can feel tightening of my skin. My skin feels hydrated and looks brighter after wearing the mask. 

I love the simplicity of this mask. The packaging is small easy to bring with my travel bag. The sheet mask fits perfectly. The essence is watery, absorbs well and has a nice floral fragrance. I love to lie down relaxing while sniffing the refreshing scent of the mask. 
I purchased this mask in a set. Can’t wait to try the other essence in the pack. 

Do you love whitening sheet mask? Tell me which brand is your favourite down in the comment. 
Till then…

Let me know what you think! :)