Welcome 2014! Goodbye 2013~

It is the end if year 2013 and it is time for a little reminiscence and reflecting. I love this time of year as this is the time to start planning and reorganising my life for the new year. New year resolutions are a big part on celebrating every year. although I may not achieve all goals by end of year, but hey, this is life. It is fun to see how myself changed and grow. 

2013 was a good year with many challenges. I’m glad that I managed to through it. 
This week has put me in such a ‘organising’ mood because I finally get my transfer to a new work place. I’ll be working in National Cancer Institute starting January.  New year + new work place = new home (perhaps). Currently I’m living in Rawang and working in Putrajaya. Commuting between two opposite pole of Lembah Klang is pretty tiring. *sigh* Have to think about it further with my family. 

There is one thing I’m pretty set up: My new year resolutions. Although I’m pretty excited with my new direction with regards to career path, I’m determined to work towards achieving my new year beauty resolutions. I’ll be turning 30 in year 2014 and graduating to the big 30 does mean that my skin and beauty regime is going to be dramatically changed. I’m spend a lot of thought on a new strategy on my beauty regime. The goals are mainly small and specific to allow me to be focus and aim to make it a successful 2014 achievements. 

Today I’m going share with you guys my New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2014. 

1) Embrace turning the big 30. 

Yes, I’m going to be happy being older this year.  I’m going embrace turning 30 by taking a better care on my skin. I’m going to use organic, chemical-free, natural beauty products with plant based ingredients.  

Knowing there are lots of harmful chemical mixed with many beauty products that may affect the environment, My aim this year is to use all natural beauty products not just to save myself but the environment too. 

2) Remove makeup by the end of day

Everybody is guilty on this once in a while. I have a terrible habit on keep forgetting to remove my makeup by the end of the day.2013 is the year that I learn the importance of clean skin at night. 

I want to learn to practice a gentle but effective skin care regime. I still have this annoying feeling that this is a forced habit, I’m determined to make this as naturally pleasant habit by year 2014. 

3) Drink a lot of water ( at least 1.5L per day)

60% of our body is made of water. For a healthy skin and bodily function, I’m going to drink at least 1.5L of water per day. As this is a the easiest natural way to help my skin, I aim to make this a habit

4) Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! 

One of my resolutions this year is to try to moisturise my skin i.e my arms and legs every time after shower. Not forgetting my face twice a day. I have oily skin ( face) and I’ve only recently learned that oily skin needs hydration too. This may helps reduce excessive oil/sebum production. 

My aim is to moisturise with natural moisturisers be it for the body or face. Just to make sure that I’ll be using a natural, organic and chemical free. 

5) More colours on makeup

I has always use muted, natural colours for my daily makeup. My resolution for 2014 would be to use more colours in my FOTD. Be it a bright eye shadow, or stunning lip colour, I aim to be more expressive and colourful with makeup. Hopefully, this may give me more happiness and a cheerful year. 

Oh my..Look who we have here—> It’s my lil cute friend, Yadah. 
She loves all things natural especially organic, plant-based skin care. 

This caterpillar is definitely excited to share her new year beauty resolutions with The Butterfly Project and Yadah. Would you please, the Swot team introduce me to Yadah? I haven’t try any of their product before and would love to learn if Yadah which is a organic, botanical, chemical-free, and natural plant based products that I can try to fulfill my new year beauty resolutions. 

Hope to see you soon, Yadah!

Can’t wait for the new year. Heee~~~ 🙂 What are your 2014  beauty resolutions? Share them with me down below in the comments. 

Let me know what you think! :)