Hi guys, the New Year is near. End of year is the time where there’re lots of partying. Every girl needs to follow the number one rule is skin care: Cleanse face every night before bed. Especially this time of the year, one must remove all trace of make up and cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Introducing Olay’s new advanced cleansing system

   I would like to share my review on Olay’s new advanced cleansing system. It is part of Regenerist range. It is a cute battery-operated facial cleansing device  to help deeply cleanses your skin. 
It is also gently exfoliates and primes skin ready to absorbs essences especially anti-ageing essence. 
   To me this device is a much more affordable “Clarisonic”. I’ve always wanted my own Clarisonic as it is one cleansing device raved by so many beauty gurus out there. I couldn’t let my self to get one since it is so expensive. When Olay came out with this little device, my heart leaps. I bought mine at Watsons, it was on sale 20% for VIP card holders and I even used my points to get extra discount. It costed me just below RM100 and it is much affordable compared to Clarisonic. 

I have been using Pore brush from Etude House to clean my face. It is good habit to clean skin with facial brush or sponge and it ensures thorough cleansing. I suffered from adult acne  and oily skin, this cleansing method has helped my skin exponentially for the past 2 years. 

Why do you need deep cleansing?

   Cleansing your face is like washing dirty plate. If I use only soap and water to wash my dirty dishes,  there are still food residue or oil on the plate. If I use a sponge to rub on the plate, it is cleansed easily without any trace of residue or oil. Our facial skin is not smooth due to the pores, hence it required more than just facial cleanser and water to remove all the dirt. 
   Using a facial brush or sponge or cloth helps tremendously on cleansing the facial skin and effectively remove all the dirt and make up. 

Olay’s new advanced cleansing system set 

   The set includes a facial cleansing device + brush head + sample size of skin renewal cleanser (20ml) and AA batteries. 
   The device has 2 speed control and water resistant. It delivers daily deep cleansing up to 4 times better cleansing than cleanser alone. It is gently exfoliates for better removal of dirt and make up even in the T-zone and chin. 
   The brush head is 5 cm  in diameter with soft densely packed bristles, designed to be gentle on skin for daily use. 

How do I use it? 

   I have been using the device  for about two weeks, using it only at night time after I remove my makeup to avoid over-abrasion on the skin. I like that this device has a smooth ergonomic handle and it is not too heavy. 
   I use my Freshel cleanser with this device instead of the Olay sample that they included in the set. I think any cleanser works fine with this device. 
   After removing my makeup with cleansing oil, I would dampen skin and brush head lightly with water. Then I dispense my cleanser in hand and massage over face. After that, I would turn on the cleansing device and gently move around the face for 60 seconds.
   Usually I concentrate more on my chin and cheeks ( a good 20 seconds each side) where pimples usually pop out. I will avoid the delicate eye areas. I also spend a good 10 secs around my nose. Now I don’t need nose pore pack to remove white or black head. 

 At the end, I rinse my face and brush head thoroughly with water. 

My skin looks brighter after rinsing. 

(Please excuse the red pimple on my forehead

2 comments on “Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System – the more affordable "Clarisonic"”

  1. a bit pricey for me. nak try nnt one day.

    Lin guna konjac sponge, RM10/each beli dekat Sasa or Shills. Berkesan, can get rid of blackhead and whitehead easily.

    Tapi, ambil masa and tenaga nak gosok muka. Huhuhu.

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