Hello beautifuls,

I’m heading to Kota Kinabalu for husband’s friend wedding and this trip would be a mini holiday trip for us too. I love dressing up for a wedding especially if the wedding is held at a fancy hall or hotel. This time the wedding would be at Sutera Harbour Hotel Grand ballroom. Dress code is black tie.

On event like this, it makes me feel excited as I’m preparing to go to Prom all over again. Usually I would have already started to plan on what to wear, makeup and accesories. This time of course I’ll be wearing a gorgeous long dress. I’m going to jazz up my nails too for the occasion. I’ve decided to try the new Bloop nail strips instead of painting nail polish.

Nail it! with Bloop nail strips


It claims to be super thin, fast and easy to use with no drying time. It is made of environmental- friendly material that allows air to penetrate through to nails. Also claims to last 5-7 days.

There are many designs for the nail strips- animal print, geometrical and cutesy. I chose this cute glittery leaf design for my first try. We have two full days before the wedding, so we thought of spending some time in Mount Kinabalu first. I think this Nature inspired design is so appropriate.


There are 12 strips given with varying sizes. ( I found this slightly weird since majority of us have 10 fingers, so I guess the two are extra). I have pretty small, stumpy nails so I have to cut the width of some of the strips to make it fit. It is a rectangular shape with 3cm long strips. It has a rounded edge and straight edge on the other side.

On the packaging, there are clear instructions of how to apply the nail strips. They emphasise on making sure that the nail is clean before applying the strips.


Before applying the strips, I shaped my nails and pushed the cuticle gently. I cleaned my nails thoroughly as instructed and began to apply the nail strips. The rounded edge should be facing the cuticle. The nail strips are pretty thin and the adhesive glue is tacky enough. As my nails are short, I find myself wasting quite a lot of the products. Bloop doesn’t include a nail file with the nail strips so I’m just using a regular nail file. These nail strips are easy to filed off. The strips adheres firmly and won’t budge while filing.



I’m so impressed that there were no bubbles at all. You are supposed to rub the striped nail to remove the bubbles. I love that after filing off the excess, there is a perfect clean finish.

I applied clear top coat for extra protection and to ensure long wear.

My thought on Bloop Nail it! nail strips is that it is easy to apply. There is some drying time as I did apply top coat (30sec to 1 min).
The nail strips are pretty thin so they don’t feel bulky to me. I like that this nail strip is like an instant nail art.


I will be wearing this for at least 5 days before I go back to work. It is pretty waterproof. When I wash my hand or take shower, water doesn’t seep through the edges.

It is easy to remove the strips, just peel them off.

Nail it! with Bloop nail strips
Price: RM 12.90 per packaging
Available at bloop outlet in Sunway Pyramid and SaSa outlet. I bought this at the LCCT airport beauty shop.

Look so pretty outdoor too.


As this is my second time wearing nail strip, the first was Celeb BeautĂ© nail strips, my free gift from Shins (which was a disaster). Nail it! with Bloop nail strips totally changed my view on wearing nail strips. Super instant nail art that is cheap. Under RM15! I wonder if it will last longer given that it claimed to be super thin. I think I’ll buy Nail it! with Bloop nail strips but different design. (Wonder if there’s neutral plain design available).

Have you tried using nail strips? Which brand did you use? Tell me your review on nail strips down below in the comments.

Let me know what you think! :)