Hello lovelies!

How is the start of 2014 going for you? In celebration of the incoming multi-public holidays, I’m glad to take my time off work and do a review on the new Maybelline lip polish lip color. In the States, these lip products are marketed as color elixir instead.

I’m so excited for the lip colours when it first came out. By November 2013, I starting to embrace wearing lip glosses, however as they are so sheer, I wore them on top of matching lipstick. Busy at work, I can’t afford another minute added to my makeup routine. I started to wear lip lacquer or lipstick+gloss hybrid. At first I tried Loreal Shine Caresse lip gloss but it’s just too sticky.

The moment Maybelline lip polish was released at Watson, I brought myself two of them. There are so many choices, it is not easy to make up my mind. I’ve been wearing them quite regularly especially over the weekend. I am loving this lipstick+gloss+balm lip color. So, I decided to get any one after I received a coupon from Maybelline through email. (Read on if you want to know where you can get the coupon).

There is no info on the lip polish in Maybelline malaysia official website. However, in the US official website, they decribed this lip colour as hyper- saturated with ultra cushiony feel. The new hypnotic lip sensation that can make any man fall under the spell of the elixir effect.

This product is a trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm and a glass shine of a gloss.

There are 10 shades available in Malaysia under the color sensational range. The shades are divided into POP and GLAM colours. I picked up GLAM 2 and GLAM 5. In the States, the names of each shades are more glamorous such as Mauve Mystique, Mandarin Rapture and Hibiscus Haven. How I wish it is the same here, it makes playing with make up is more fun, is it?

GLAM 2 is a corally red lip colour and GLAM 5 is a soft lilac purple lip color


Here are my swatches




Packaging: Modern rectangular tube with each colour displayed , making it easy to choose the shades. The colour on the tube matched the actual colour of products which is a bonus. You just have to twist the top and after you applied the lip colour, you can twist it back easily.

Application : This lip colour has a similar brush tip to Loreal lip stain. The brush head is triangular shaped but it has a wavy surface. The Angora brush delivers a polished, even application and smoothing sensation to lips. One pump is enough to pick up more than plenty product to cover both upper and lower lips.

Consistency: It has a velvety consistency ensuring smooth application. It’s pretty thick and slightly sticky. I would say it is “comfortable-sticky”, which is good for long wear.

Coverage: The colour selections are varied and this lip product is highly pigmented. One swipe is enough to cover my hyperpigmented lips.

Hydration: My lips stayed hydrated upon wearing the lip colour thanks to its cushiony balm feature.

Shine: Wearing this gives you that shiny, glossy look without having to apply moutain of layers on the lips.

Scent: I don’t usually like vanilla scented products but this lip colour has a faint vanilla scent. This scent is pretty light to be noticed by Vanilla-scent haters. The scent gives a sense of sweetness and cream-like which is much better than ‘petroleum-like’ scent.

Wear: This lip colour stained my lips pretty well. My lips stayed well moisturised throughout the day. However, the shine fades after eating but the lip colour remained intense. I had to reapply to get the same intensity when it first applied. If there’s no retouch, my lips stayed pigmented to survive the day anyway.

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Also join in the lip revolution with Maybelline LipPOLISH facebook contest and you might win 1 carat diamond. If you’re not participating, just vote for the most hypnotic lips and get yourself a free coupon from Maybelline for purchases at Watsons.

I think Maybelline lip polish would be one of the promising lip colour for early 2014. I have been wearing them so much. What are the promising lip product that you excited about? Do leave your thoughts down below.

Let me know what you think! :)