It is still long weekend for me. Happy Chinese New Year and Selamat Hari Wilayah. I am so happy that I have achieved so much in this four days. I went hiking, did some some training, spend a lil family time (both side), did some laundry, attended schoolmate’s wedding, went shoppong and did a few locums.

A sneaky reward for myself would be pampering myself with mask. I’m noticing my eyes are puffy (probably from eating too much salty food) and lack of proper rest since I’ve been running around whole long weekend. There are a few great ways to help with that: Apply ice cubes, apply cucumber, keep up with fluid intake etc. The easy way is to apply eye masks.

Simply Bye Eye Bag Hydro Gel Eye Masks


I found this mask in Watsons and what really attracted me is the bright coloured with cute Panda packaging. The mouth-full name is intriguing as well.
It is from Taiwan. There is 2 pairs of eye masks in each pack. There are two types of eye masks from Simply. I bought the green one.

Ingredients includes hydrolysed silk, arbutin ( whitening essence), chamomile and witch hazrl extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, hyaluronic acid ( hydrating essence) and sodium acrylates crosspolymer.

“The silk protein extract helps to repair skin, prevent dryness, super lifting and hydrating effect, easily absorbs by eye skin. It is also effectively helsp prevent wrinkle and uplift eye skin to prevent eye bags. Using the latest Hydro gel technology helps penetrates essence deep into skin, effectively hydrates and enhance eyes area skin circulation. Special gel plasma texture cover eye area without any mess”

Packaging is super cute!!! In front there is a picture of sad little Panda with dark circle and when you flip it, the sweet Panda is shiningly happy after wearing the mask.
The outer paper packaging is sturdy to bring anywhere. Inside are two packs of eye masks. Each in their bowl, carefully sealed with aluminium foil. It is easy to peel the foil and there is no watery essence spilling all over.

Each mask follows the contour below the eyes with rounded edges measuring about 9 x 4 cm. There is two sides of the mask. A dry sheet mask and another side is a biocellulose side. I placed them under my eyes and it feels smooth. The eye sheet mask is not to thick, hence fits snuggly following the contour my orbital bone. As it is rather wide, it covers my upper cheek too.

Biocellulose side


Sheet side


The biocellulose side has a sticky kinda feels. However, it felt cool and refreshing on contact with my skin. I like that the sheet felt sturdy and not easily break when I am adjusting the position of the eye mask.


On wearing the mask, it feels cooling and fresh. I like the frangrance of the mask too. It is not overpowering floral. In the packaging, it advises to wear the mask for 20 minutes. The sheet mask does not dried up even after 30 minutes.
After i remove each mask, the area under my eyes remains cool and fresh. There is no left over essence as all has been absorbed well.


I found myself loving this eye mask. It is a good little perk-me-up eye masks. I can imagine myself using it while travelling e.g. In the airplane. No fuss application and the essence absorbs well. I do feel that my puffy, dark circles under eyes improves even after one wear. Loves the cute Panda packaging, I would definitely repurchase this since it is quite cheap and easily accessible through my favourite drugstore, Watsons.

That’s all Maskin Monday this week. Thank you for reading.

5 comments on “Maskin’ Monday: Simply Bye Eye Bag Hydro Gel Eye Masks”

  1. I just bought a pack of these eye masks. I’m excited to try them. I love these things! They feel so nice and decadent. I hope they definitely work for my dark circles.

  2. What is different between SIMPLY bye dark circle hydro gel eye mask (pink pack) and SIMPLY bye eye eye bag hydro gel eye mask ( green pack)?

  3. Dear Melissa Mah, I’ve read your comment. Just recently change my setting, sorry that your comment won’t appear. I bought the mask for RM8.90 from Watsons. Cheap and it works! Really good eye mask.

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