Okay, I know that this might be a boring entry for some of you guys, but I freaking love this mascara and I need to at least do a full review on it in my blog to convince those girls that haven’t had this freaking AWESOME mascara in their collection.

Image source: maybelline official website

I have always impressed with Maybelline mascara over the years since I started to wear makeup. The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara is currently the champion of the drugstore mascara.

This mascara promises clump-free voluminous lashes from root to tip in one easy step. In rocket speed, you’ll get explosive volume thanks to the breakthrough clump-killer brush with elastomer bristles. You’ll love your new 8X bigger lashes due to the smoother and even application. No more having to loads your lashes with multiple coats, and then carefully comb through your lashes to get a clean, well-separated lashes.


It also has gel-based formula that ensures that your lashes stay curled for hours. It is smudge-proof, sweat and water resistant.
This mascara is my holy grail, i can not help myself from reaching this mascara regularly. It is after all one of my December 2013 beauty favourites.

I already on my second tube as I’ve been wearing this mascara so much. I found the best way to apply it is sweep the wand from root upward to the tip without doing the zig-zag movement. I usually start from my inner corner lashes and move outwards to the outer corner lashes. The mascara coats the lower lashes beautifully too.
My lashes are fabulous with only one coat. Look at the difference!


I’m wearing The Rocket on my right eyelashes, no mascara on my left eyelashes.

Amp up the lashes for night time look with second coat of mascara. Simply AMAZEBALLS.

Just admire how long, luscious, volumised and curly my eyelashes are:-




Let’a see how long will it last. I wore the mascara for about 10 hours. It looks fabulous, still curled up and volumised!


I would use oil based makeup remover to effectively remove the mascara. Allow a few second for the oil to seeped through, before swiping gently. The formula will come out in a wriggly tubes which easily removed. No more panda eyes!
I haven’t fpund any waterproff version in Malaysia yet.

So, girls, hear me out! Believe in the power of The rocket mascara for clump-free, thick, luscious lashes. It is worth the money spent and you will definitely understand what the fuss is all about.

This post is dedicated to my reader Khalida who had a requested a full review. Thank you so much for your support.

Have you try Maybelline the Rocket mascara? Tell me what you think about it? Yay or Nay? If Nay, any suggestion for a mascara contender. I might have to work harder to convince you’re wrong :p

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