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Do you like to wear Contact lens? I love wearing contact lens as it gives me freedom and aesthetically I looks better without bulky frame of spectacles. I wear contact lens every single day. Do you know that there are healthy ways on wearing contact lens? This time I would like to share with you guys out there on the importance of contact lens care.

I had the privilage of meeting one of the top Optometrician in the United State, Dr. David Kading And Mr. Tim Grant , the Head of Asia Marketing for Alcon Laboratories during Blogger gathering for Alcon’s Contact Lens Awareness campaign.

Dr.Kading and Mr. Grant
Dr.Kading and Mr. Grant

Thank you Alcon for inviting me. You guys may know Alcon as the largest manufacturers of contact lenses and lens care products through the integration of CIBA Vision. Alcon offers daily disposable, monthly replacement and color-enhancing contact lenses with a complete line of contact lens care products, which include multi-purpose and hydrogen-peroxide based solutions to clean, rinse and disinfect contact lenses and rewetting drops.

During the short period, I have learned some of the tips on Contact Lens care from the experts. I am amazed that there are lots of things that I didn’t know. As a regular Contact Lens user, I think it is upmost important to practise the right way on wearing Contact lens hence ensuring your eyes stay healthy.

Want to learn more? Read on….

Healthy ways for Contact Lens Care

1. Get to know your Optometrist

Before you committed on buying or wearing contact lens, get to know the experts. The best person to help you is the optometrist. Thet can assess you vision, corneal shape and suitability for contact lens use.

Getting a prescription contact lens mean getting a perfect contact lens for your corneal shape and your intention of contact lens wear. Just like a tailor, an optometrist can help offer you the best contact lens fit for you.

As Ben, the optometrist told me “eyesight is the window to the soul”.
Taking care of this precious sense is vital for all of us.

Pic: me and Ben, the optometrist


Some of recommended optometry shops in Kuala Lumpur:

Tom Davies Boutique
lot G-K02, The Garden Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Plaza Damas Optometry Centre
B2-3A, Plaza Damas 3, Block B,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

1. Buy prescription contact lens

Contact lens users are increasing in number every single day. It was a remarkable invention that allows you to see clearly with more freedom.
Initially contact lens was creates out of glass. To wear them, you need to see an Optometrist for a prescription, just like when you first buy your spectacles (for long-sighted or short-sighted). A person has to take great care on wearing the glass contact lens and one prescription was expensive.

As soft lens is introduced, more people can buy and wear the contact lens more easily and more comfortably. However, it is still important to buy soft contact lens from a registered optometry shop. It is easy to get your prescription from your optometrist. Even if you have perfect vision, an optometrist can help you choose the type or function of correct lens for you.

Everybody have different shape of eyeballs and cornea ( the front part of the eye). Similarly, different brand of contact lens have different shape that would suit different shape of cornea.
An optometrist can help determine which shape suits you. Just like seeing your dentist, different patients may require different set of dentures, even if all came with fallen teeth.

A good fitting contact lens would feel comfortable throughout the whole time that you wear them- let it be 6 hours, 8 hours or even 12 hours.

Pic: My consultation with Ben, the optometrist


Pic: Using machine, optometrist can determine the shape of cornea (above) and measure with 1500 points, to accurately measure the prescription ‘power’

3. DO NOT buy non-prescription contact lens

Nowadays, lots of people would wear contact lens for aethetics reason. Myself included. Beside being able to have the freedom, to do sports, I feel that wearing contact lens makes me looks good. I love the flexibility offered especially with coloured contact lens, you can have a blue eyes today and a grey eyes the next day. Some contact lens are designed to make you eyes look bigger and cuter. With designed or coloured contact lens you can sport a goth look with red or deep black eyes or a cute ullzang look.

However, many contact lens are manufactured without proper perscription and manufacturing standards. You can easily buy a cute, coloured contact lens from the Pasar Malam (night market), but how sure are you on the hygiene of the contact lens? These contact lens may not adhere to proper sterilisation technique, therefore exposing users to risk of infection.

Some are much cheaper online, but are they comfortable to wear? Will you wear non-prescripted contact lens that unknowingly irritate your eyes and causing multiple problem to your eyes (even worse, your eyesight)? Or would you rather spend a little more, and get a perscription contact lense from your local optometrist for a healthy contact lens wear.

The prescription power for spectacles and contact lens are different as contact lens sits directly onto the cornea hence less power. Buying contact lens online or from night market using your spectacles power is wrong. Unknowingly you may strain your eyes due to this inaccurate power use.

4. Practise good contact lens hygiene

Wash your hands thoroughly with hand soap or even better antibacterial hand wash before handling your contact lens.
Any bacteria or germs that stuck between the contact lens and cornea with grow exponentially causing irritation and infection to the eyes. Some may even impair your vision, hence it is super important to practice good hygiene while handling your contact lens.


During the event, I get to check my corneal health
During the event, I get to check my corneal health

Some of the diseases to eyes due to improper contact lens wearing:

1. Conjunctivitis – inflammation of transparent membrane that lie on eyelids and eye

Pic from utahoc.com

2. Blepharitis – eyelid inflammation

Pic: www.steadyhealth.com

3. Infected tear duct (Dacryocystitis) – tear duct blocked and infected.

Pic from eyeplastics.comp

4. Corneal abrasion or ulceration

5. Dry eye syndrome – loss or reduction of eyes’s ability to product normal tears

There are many choices for contact lens nowadays. There are daily lens and monthly lens. Ensure to read the instruction on each boxes thoroughly and handling contact lens with care. For reusable contact lens, remove your contact lens at the end of the day, wash and rubs them softly to remove any residue and soaks them overnight for a minimum of 6 hours. These ensures that your prescription contact lens stayed hydrated and you can wear it again comfortably the next day. You choice of contact lens solution is important too. That leads to my next tips…

5. Use appropriate contact lens solution

There are many varieties contact lens solutions in the market. The one that you need to find are those with cleans, rinses and disinfects with antibacterial, antifungal properties.

A proper contact lens solution with extend your contact lens wear and hence gives good value to your money. I know some of us, would throw a monthly contact lens after wearing it for only a week or two because it irritates the eyes and just not comfortable to wear anymore. This is mainly due to improper contact lens care and wrong choice of the contact lens solutions.

Make sure you rubs gently the contact lens with the contact lens solutions to remove any residues stuck onto the lens. The way that I often do is to put one lens in the middle of my cupped palm, put a little of solution covering the lens and rubs with index finger of the other hand for few second.

Change your contact lens solution everyday. When you are wearing your contact lens, wash the case with running water and let it dry. Change the contact lens case often, once a month or so.

One of my favourite contact lens solution now is Alcon Opti-free Pure Moist multi-purpose disinfecting solution. It removes lipid and protein deposits daily. This amazing solution cleans, reconditions, rinses, disinfectsoffers long lasting moisturised contact lens up to 16 hours.


This contact lens solution changed my usual contact lens wear. I feels more comfortableto wear lens for a longer duration. I do not required rewetting drops any more as my eyes stay hydrated thru out the day.

6. Other tips on contact lens care

Do not over extend the life duration of prescribed contact lens that stated. Do not use expired contact lens. Dispose daily contact lens everyday. Open new packet of monthly contact lens every month once the old one reached 30 days even though it still looks good.

Do not sleep with your contact lens on. It will dry out the contact lens faster and irritate your eyes.

Do not share contact lens with friends or family members. Just like a toothbrush, used contact lens may contained bacteria or inhouse commensals that may be harmful to you. You would not share toothbrush, why would you share contact lens. Another reason: Eeewwww~~

Get your prescription contact lens regularly checked by qualified optometrist every 4-6 monthly. This is as important as eye health maintainance. (Even you car has regular service every few months). Qualified optometrist may able to tell you early signs of eye disease. Early detection may save you a whole lot more money then to treat complications.

What do you do if you have red eyes from wearing contact lens?

Stop wearing contact lens for at least 2 weeks. Throw the contact lens immediately even if you only recently open the packet. Use normal saline to gently wash you eyes. If the redness persisted or eyes becomes too watery, visit your local doctor or opthalmologist for check up and prescription of antimicrobial eye drops.

I hope that you guys are more aware on the correct ways on using contact lens and taking appropriate measures to take care your eyes. Do pay a visit to your nearest optometrist and get started for a healthy contact lens wear.

yours truly
yours truly

Tell me your own experience on contact lens usage down the comment below. I would love to hear your stories.

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