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This is a late review on Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Foundation which I won through Revlon Malaysia facebook contest. I posted a picture on Instagram when I first received it and a friend asked for a review.

Why so late? To be honest, I have not even explored the product when I first got it as I was so obsessed with Maybelline Dream matte mousse foundation. (My january favourites post!)

Occasionally I will use my oldie-but-a-goodie Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation (previous review here) for oily/combination skin for a more heavy coverage. Only recently that my ColorStay liquid foundation was finished that I (re)discovered Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Foundation in my makeup stash.


I was sent the shade Medium Beige, a shade lighter than my ColorStay liquid foundation which is in Early Tan. Initially, I thought it would be too light, but I was wrong. I was choosing a darker shade (early tan) to match my face skin colour. However, Medium Beige makes my face skin one shade lighter and perfectly matches my neck, upper chest and arms.

I didn’t notice it before as I’m wearing hijab. I do get compliments from my hubby and at work that my skin looks glowy and better with the foundation. I went to Watson to do some swatches to confirm and I think I have found my right shade: Medium Beige.

The packaging is a sturdy glass container that is pretty heavy. The design is simple and elegant but I am pretty sure most girls wouldn’t bring Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Foundation to travel as it is so heavy.

On my vanity table, it stands steadily. But it doesn’t fit my vanity case which makes me sad.
It contained 0.8 oz of product in each jar.




This is definitely more creamy than whipped cream. It is really thick and dense. Only little bit of the product may cover a huge area. I usually use my Sigma round kabuki brush (my favourite again!) to buff it in. Apply second layer for more coverage. Once the foundation is settled, it gives a semi-matte finish. When a foundation is too matted, I experienced small area of dry patches especially around the nose and mouth area.


This foundation sets pretty quickly. As I have a very oily skin type, I just have to set it with powder and this foundation does stay on longer. It maintains the same finish up to 10-12 hours. I did blot once especially around my T zone around 8 hours mark.




On to a little demo…

Let’s start with no base makeup. (I’ve done my eye makeup and filled in my brows)


After primer, I would usually dot the foundation around my face. In this demo, I only apply to half side of my face so you guys can see the difference.


Blend with my Sigma Round Kabuki brush.


As you can see the is this shade is lighter than my face skin tone, but it is definitely match my neck and chest. After buffing one layer of foundation, I can appreciate that my acne scars and hyperpigmented marks are significantly dull. One layer gives me a medium coverage and still looks natural.


I used Revlon powder to set the foundation and gives a more matte look. The foundation sets in about 2-3minutes. Finishing my makeup with applying blusher and lipstick. Voila!


I like how my skin looks brighter, and this does not look cakey at all. I did a flash photograph test. This foundation does have SPF20++. And my skin looks pretty white. Haha!


But it does looks pretty good in natural light.


I really like this foundation now that I actually use it. Perhaps more than Maybelline Dream Matte foundation. It does not give me a dry patchy area and the staying power is remarkable. Now I can safely declare that my face makeup matches the skin on my hand.

Packaging is super heavy but I kinda like how it looks on my vanity. I like using BB or CC cream or lighter foundation like tinted moisturiser for travel anyway.

The other downside is that I have to wash my brushes more often as the thick consistency clogs up my brush. (I used Daiso brush cleaner and it is adequate enough)

Thank you Revlon Malaysia for introducing me to this amazing foundation. One of the best high coverage foundation available for drug store.

What are your current high coverage foundation? If you have a good recommendation especially for a blemished skin like me, do share it down in the comment below.

till then~

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  1. This looks promising! Will definitely look into this product. I’ve been using Revlon ColorStay foundation for years and love the coverage 🙂

  2. Mieza ada foundation ni jugak, same case with kak zatil cuma dah lama beli tapi tak pakai sampailah until recently XD it is very thick, and i only wear it less than 5 times i think, as i rarely have a function that needs me to wear such thick makeup. i should review it as well, coz there’s something about the cap i need to share 🙂

  3. Nice review! <3 Wiida pun ada this foundation, belum try betul2, tp memang thick pun texture dia. takleh nk pakai ari-ari. tapi this foundation does cover all the blemishes and imperfection.

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