Early of the month, the Butterfly Project Malaysia has organised a fundraising Butterfly Walkathon to raise fund for Butterfly Project’s official website.


Since I have always been a supporter in this Butterfly Project Malaysia community, I jump in and bought the ticket on the first day it was announced. It was only RM10, a mere small fee for my beloved Butterfly Project.

The good news came after a week or so where there are 8 sponsors for the goodie bag, courtesy for those who donated. Each goodie bag worth a whooping RM80++ which excites me more.


Posh! Nail Spa
Human Nature
Gong Cha
TT Mask Malaysia
WD Unique
***Thank you Sponsors!!! Muah muah~***

I ‘forced’ my hubby to join in the walkathon that morning. We both loves walking/running and often join in a charity run. This event feels like one of those event we joined before. For me it is more special as this is for
Butterfly Project Malaysia. Yay!


After registration, we pick up our goodie bag and my Butterfly Project Malaysia T-shirt.

Butterfly Project Malaysia were selling Butterfly Project Malaysia first ever T-shirt in conjunction with the walkathon. It has a simple design with Butterfly Project Malaysia logo in front. But I am more impressed with the quality. Usually white tee is transparent. For RM50, I received a good quality, thicker material that is not transparent.


Me and hubs did brisk walking for about total 45 minutes: 1 loop around the pond and another loop through the forest trail. Wow!! There are lot of people that Sunday morning at TTDI park. (I am used to the calm Putrajaya park.) You can see Zumba group, aerobic group, Taichi group, children to old age exercising. There even extreme trail for BMX bikers. My favourite is the forest route. I must say it is very scenic and I love the tall rainforest trees. You can hear birds chirping, see squirels jumping and monkeys playing around. We had a go on the small jambatan gantung. It feels good to burn some calories and break some sweat.




After the walk, we were rewarded with delicious cool drink from Gong Cha. I picked their signature Winter Melon tea and hubs picked Grapefruit Green Tea. Winter Melon was interestingly delicious and Grapefruit Green Tea is refreshing. Love that both is not too sweet.



During the walkathon, there is also a lucky draw, the lucky girls who have the Golden ticket in their goodie bag won Kiehls hamper.


What is an event without any hurdle. Funny thing how plan can change at the very last minute. The registration ended up at the school bus stop in front of TTDI park. Then the Gong Cha truck was late due to a break down. But overall, I would think that it is a successful event. Deep in my heart, I wished for a bigger/ less busy park so that the Butterflies might able to squeeze a group photo. But I totally understand it is easier Butterfly Walkathon event is where it is for the sake of the bosses: near-popping-out Mommy Illy and Si Kaki-Putus Tammy ( I meant it as a joke of course)

More pictures with fellow butterflies during the event.









We are even in national news!
Utusan Malaysia: Butterfly Project dekati komuniti


I had really enjoyed myself that morning hanging out with fellow Butterflies and looking forward for more successful years to come with The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

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