Hello lovelies, What did you do on Mother’s day? I’m pretty sure some would spend time with their mother, some would buy gifts and many would at least call Mum to wish her well. As for me, I wanted to bring my mum to this cookie baking workshop organised by Mary Quant but she had to work. So, I brought my bestfriend instead, Siti who is now mother-to-be (very soon) to attend a fun cookie baking and makeup workshop by Mary Quant. 20140508-200719.jpg

Read on to learn an easy cookie recipe and discover what I did during the workshop. The workshop was held at a Culinary School, No.19 at Jalan Dungun. Damansara Heights. It is a nice bungalow fully equipped with functioning kitchen and industry-grade baking oven (and ample space for parking). Upon arrival, we were greeted by the Mary Quant team and briefed about the recipe and cookie baking 101. I have never baked before, so this was so new to me. >_<”’ Our baking sifu of the day was Ms Suraiya. 20140508-204046.jpg

Shortbread cookie recipe

250g High Ratio Flour
50g Unsalted Butter
3g Salt
100g Icing Sugar
5g Baking Powder
15g Whipping Cream
3g Vanilla Essence
*This recipe makes 24 cookies

For decoration, easy recipe for royal icing sugar

1 Egg lightly beaten
250g Confectioners sugar
1 tsp Glycerin
1 tsp Lemon Juice
Few drops of food colouring of your choice

We were in a team of four initially to get the dough. One pair mixed butter and sugar until fluffy and another sieved the flour.

20140508-202733.jpg 20140508-202838.jpg

Siti sieved high ratio flour + salt + baking soda.


Mix the wet and dry ingredient in the Kitchen Aid mixer. Add whipping cream+ vanilla essence a lil at a time. The trick is to mix a small amount at the time for that light airy and crunchy cookie.


Then we all got a palm size portion of dough each. Then, I got to work! Rolled the dough to 5mm thick. 20140508-211734.jpg 20140508-203159.jpg

We used 3 inch wide cookie cutter- flower and gingerbread woman shape. 20140508-203246.jpg

Place in well-greased pan. Bake in preheated oven at 170deg celcious for 10-15mins or until cookie turned brown.



While waiting, we went inside and were introduced to Mary Quant makeup products. 20140508-203653.jpg   20140508-203701.jpg Ms. Nabuko Takiki from Japan showed us two different looks using Mary Quant products. 20140508-203748.jpg 20140508-203755.jpg

Afterwards, back to the kitchen! Once baked, let the cookie cool and we got to show our creativity decorating our cookie with royal icing sugar. (Does anybody knows why this sugar is so “Royal” ?) 20140508-203440.jpg My gingerbread woman had blond hair and red lips. I really liked this part. 20140508-203556.jpg


Siti’s designs are cute too. Kawaii desho~~ We each received a goodie bag filled with Mary Quant makeup products worth RM270 + limited edition Mary Quant apron. Before leaving, I managed to grab some more products from Mary Quant and of course group picture. 20140508-212913.jpg I had great fun with my mummy-to-be bestie and Mary Quant! 20140508-212958.jpg

Mary Quant products are available at Muse by Watsons in Sunway Piramid Mall.

Visit Mary Quant FB page further information about their products.

Let me know what you think! :)