I have posted a picture ( #selfie actually) in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ( follow me!) on this skin supplement: Clinicell Oral Skincare: Anti-Aging & Whitening Essence a while ago I have finally completed the whole regime and here is my review of the product.


Beforehand, I must informed you guys that my skin type is oily, blemished skin. I do suffer from adult acne ( started when I was 25-26 year old) and my review is based on my personal experience. It might work wonders for you or it might not at all. However, I do hope at least my review may introduce you to Clinicell Oral Skincare and helps you in making decision whether to try it yourself or not.

Intro Clinicell Oral Skincare

Clinicell Oral Skincare is an advance formulation of oral supplement made locally by founders Mona Shafitri Muhammad and Irham Yusoff with Head of R&D Mejar (B) Dr. Nur Haliza Mohamad Najib in keeping with Malaysian women (and men) demands of safe formulation of oral supplement for brighter and younger-looking skin.

The anti-aging and whitening essence of Clinicell Oral Skincare are derived from 100% natural active ingredients for firmer, whiter skin including stronger hair and nails.


Active ingredients of Clinicell Oral Skincare includes:
Glutathione : “Mother of all Detoxifiers” essential antioxidant, detoxifier, immune system booster, skin whitening and anti aging

Collagen: by taking Clinicell Oral Skincare, you are maximizing collagen levels, hence keeping skin supple

Astaxanthin: one of most powerful antioxidant helping with skin moisture levels,smoothness, elasticity, diminish spots and freckles.

Acerola Cherry: This tropical fruit- bearing shrub native to West Indies and northen South American has been found to be a powerful antioxidant. It also contains polypherols and vitamin C, ingredients known to help with skin whitening.

The benefits of Clinicell Oral Skincare ( according to official website)
– Skin whitening
– Anti-aging
– Firms up skin
– Protect skin from UV
– Improves the skin’s ability to hydrate itself
– Reduces wrinkles and pigmentation
– Reduces freckles and pimples
– Helps strengthen hair
– Reduces joint and muscle pain
– Strengthen brittle nails
– Protect body cells against free radicals activity and cell related disease such as cancer, parkinson and stroke

It is recommended to take 2 sachets everyday, continuosly for a month or until achiving desired result. Then, the intake can be reduced once every night before bedtime.

My review

I was sent a box of Clinicell Oral Skincare which contains 15 sachets of product. Although it is recommended that to start off, to take 2 sachets perday, I actually only took 1 sachet every night before bed for 15 days. I usually took my morning coffee in a tumbler on the way to work, so I was thinking it would be a hassle to bring two tumblers to work everyday ( I can’t live without coffee! >_<“‘).

There is a cute tumbler included with Clinicell Oral Skincare box package. (Pink lid targeting feminine ladies out there). 3 easy step on how to use:


Step 1: Pour out the content of one sachet of Clinicell Oral Skincare into the tumbler


Step 2: Add 150ml ( approximately half a cup) of water (warm or cold) into the tumbler.



Step 3: Mix thoroughly and consume


The taste of Clinicell Oral Skincare is sweet and fruity. There is no weird or chemical scent and I think it would be well tolerated by consumers. Combine this supplement with daily well balanced diet, your daily 8 glasses of water and regular exercise, you will be on your way achieving your dream skin.

I think the packaging of this product is simple and clean. It is easy to recognised and every sachet has a deep groove at the end. So, it is easy to tear each sachet, no scissor/ knife needed.

I like to read carefully each packaging box of any product/ supplement before I consume it. It seemed mostly natural plant-origin ingredients. However, I was slightly dissapointed that the first two ingredients listed were Fructose and Maltodextrin. Really?! They listed ‘sugar’ (former is monosaccharide and later polysaccharide) as the main ingredients for this product. Hence explaining the great sweet taste. I am sure most of use knows that sugar is processed in the body and use as energy but the excess as turned into fats in the body. This unfortunately gives me the impression that my skin will be white and bright with less wrinkle but my body will become fat instead. Hmmm…

Nonetheless, I still willing to try and to my surprise my skin do look brighter.

This is the before picture of my skin
Day 1 of consumption.

BEFORE [9th April 2014]


AFTER [20 days later on 28th April 2014 (with 15 nights of dedicated consumptions)]


You can see that my skin is brighter and some hyperpigmented spots starting to disappear. Some smaller acne scars are lighter. I am little wrinkles around my eyes but I can’t appreciate if there is any effect on diminishing wrinkles after consuming Clinicell Oral Skincare. I felt that my cheeks texture is more hydrated and smoother. Otherwise I do not see any effect on my joints or other system of my body as I am pretty healthy for a nearly 30 year old.


While I am in the program, I did aware that my lifestyle have changed. I have drink a whole lot of water, eating more salad and fruits and even try to incorporate exercise into daily routine (pretty hard with heavy rain every evening). I have also been using my skin care products more religiously with correct technique. All are a good habits to be instilled.

Combining healthier lifestyle and Clinicell Oral Skincare I guess has given me the result as presented above. I am not as convinced (as other consumers maybe) with the effectiveness of the product as I am a pretty skeptical person. What if all thats working are the healthy lifestyle and beauty regime and the oral skincare have only placebo effect for the last 15 days. I guessed only prolong consumption of Clinicell Oral Skincare might give the answer to my skepticism.

As I said before, my skin condition may be different from yours and my review is truly personal and honest.

One box of Clinicell Oral Skincare costed RM145.00 (WM) and RM160.00 (EM).

To order, you can contact the number below via phone or email.

Clinicell Cosmeceutical (M) Sdn. Bhd
No. 44, Bj 3, Taman Bukit Jaya,
Bukit Antarabangsa 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Phone no.: 03-4161 8199
Email add.: clinicell@ymail.com

Clinicell Oral Skincare: Anti-aging and Whitening essence is available online.
Visit their facebook page and website to order and more information.

Website : www.clinicell.com.my
Fanpage : www.facebook.com/clinicell.cosmeceutical
Instagram : @clinicell4u

**I received the product from Clinicell for review purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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