I was blog hopping the other day and came across Sasha Sekaran blog post titled “What can you do with RM50 these days? “
She suggested a few beauty products from concealer to facial masks under RM50.

I was intrigued with that post and have wondered what can I get (makeup products) worth RM50. Also, there was a tag in YouTube a year or two ago : full face makeup for $20. This has made me oh-so-curious that I decided to hunt for products for full face makeup with only RM50 in hand.

I did the challenge with my sister, and we had so much fun. Here are my picks:

1. Maybelline BB stick in 03 Radiance


The bulk of my budget went to a good base. This BB stick is convenient and perfect as the formula changes into powdery finish. Hence, I don’t need to buy face powder to set the BB. It also has multifunctions like: lasting hydration, oil control, reduce uneven skintone etc.
The coverage is medium, good enough to even out my skin tone. I usually apply a second layer for under the eyes and over blemishes for more coverage.

Cost: RM19.80
Store: Watsons

2. Daiso eyeshadow and eyebrow palette in Pink

Thank god for Daiso where everything is only RM5. I can actually get all the products from Daiso but I’ve decided to mix around for a little more challenge. This palette comes with a drak brown eyebrow powder which match my eyebrow colour perfectly.

I like that the brow powder is hard in texture compared to the four eyeshadows shade. Brow powder stayed put and no more wonky brow hairs. Some of the shades has multiusage: as highlight and contour shade for the face.


Cost: RM 5.00
Store: Daiso

3. Silky girl Lash Prism Mascara in 01 Blackest Black

I just can’t step out in public without mascara. And I love waterproof formula as it is long lasting formula. This mascara is cheap and it comes in a bonus pack with a travel size Silky girl Gentle eye & lips makeupremover 25ml. (Definitely a bonus deal right, since we are on a tight budget here!).


This mascara is recommended by my sister and it is actually quite good. The formula is really pigmented, wetter than I used too. The formula contains microfibres that lengthens my (short&straight) lashes. The soft bristles volumise my lashes well. However, due to the wetter formula it does not hold a curl well. I am a big fan of love sky high, curled lashes. However, this product is still a good bargain though.

Cost: RM14.90
Store: Watsons

4. In2it Gel Tint in Raspberry
I think my blogger friend, anfaal ridzuan may have mentioned this in her instagram or somewhere but I can’t remember. This is the first time I trying out In2it Gel tint. There are four different shades and flavours available, I’ve decided on Raspberry solely due to its irresistable scent. It has this sweet, berry scent that is not over-powering but simply Oh So Yummy!


Also I was wondering how would a reddish tint looks as a blush. The ever famous Benetint does not really gives me a good pigment especially on the cheek.

In2it Gel Tint really does surprised me! It is highly pigmented. Just one swipe on the cheeks, and I tapped with my fingers and my cheek have this perfect rosy flush. I got the same result with my lips and I love it. No stick feeling and it lasted a long time. In2it claimed that it will last for 8 hours. I think the tint on my lips faded a little after heavy eating but at least it still there. Really cheap and really work wonders (to your lips and cheek).


Cost: RM9.90
Store: Watsons

I went to AEON Rawang with my sister with RM50 budget and did I make it? The answer is YES! I purchased the four make up products for a full face makeup (as mentioned above) and the grand total is RM 49.60. Yeeehaaa!!


I am proud of myself sticking to the budget.(Yay!) I went to Daiso, Watsons and Guardians. I bought most of the products in Watsons because I want to collect loyalty points but Guardians also offer similar prices on the items mentioned. Daiso does have a lot make up products and it is only RM5 each! With RM50, I’m pretty sure we can get a whole lot more products like concealer, lipstick etc. But I purposely chose a mix of different make up brand to make it interesting.

Here a MOTD look that I’ve create using only the make up products as above. Really soft and feminine.



I hope you have enjoyed reading this, do challenge yourself and share with me, what products did you pick down in the comment. If you blog about it. Do leave your bloglink, so I can check it out. Also do let me know if you want similar RM50 haul/challenge but with Daiso products only down in the comment below ya.

Thanks for reading. Bye!

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