Are we taking enough in our nutrition to maintain the youthfullness in our skin? How much is enough? With so many beauty supplement on the market, it can be confusing to all of us to choose the best one. I had the opportunity to know a brand that developed its beauty supplement based on thorough scientific research. Thanks to Butterfly Project, I had a great afternoon with Eskayvie: Unlocking secrets to youthful, Enriching lives from within.


The event was held at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar, a chic new hotel in KL. On arrival, we were greeted by the lovely girls of Eskayvie and ballons. Then, we had an eye-opener presentations by Mr. Wong, Eskayvie GM Sales & Marketing and Dr. Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa al Qudri, Eskayvie’s CEO and back bone that introduced us to Eskayvie best selling beauty supplement: Redianze.
SAM_2751 Radianze is an advanced beauty supplement enriching lives from within. It contains 4 main ingredients that is scientifically proven to helps fights aging: hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and makes the skin radiant from within. Hence, this is the effective beauty reviving and health restoring supplement.

Those four ingredients are:
1- HMCP – extract from marine collagen, thsi purified form is clinically manufactured to help nourish skin from within, makes it supple and reduce signs of aging

2- AstaReal P2AF – vital ingredient in Radianze that proves nature does work hand-in-hand with science to give women more beautiful and radiant skin. It reduce hyperpigmentation, diminish wrinkles and makes your skin glowing

3- Vitamin C – a well-known key for whitening effect on the skin, besides strengthening immune system. Skin radiance achieved maintained with regular intake of high concentrated Vitamin C.

4- Prunus Persica – Combining the strength of both nature’s best ingredient and the reliable scientific purifying method, consumers can also benefits not just beautiful, radiant skin but also overall health benefits.

Eskayvie girls serve Radianze for taste-try
Eskayvie girls serve Radianze for taste-try

What impressed me most that the ingredient used in product development are scientifically proven and Radianze has won multiple awards including Best Beauty Drinks – Readers Choice by Her World Beauty Awards 2014. Consumers may confidently take Radianze for its benefits and  without fear of any safety issues.

My personal review on Radianze
I am lucky to get a chance to experience Eskayvie’s Radianze myself. It is recommended to take 1 sachet everyday- after breakfast or night time. I have been taking it for 14 days continuously and I really enjoyed the flavour. I still prefer beauty supplement (or any supplement) in a tablet or pill form but the fruity peach taste is still tasty.
Look at the before and after pictures (no filter) below. Does it work? You be the judge. imageimage (1)
I do feel that I look more radiant in the ‘After’ picture, hence looks fresh, young and healthy. Don’t think that my wrinkles especially in the inner corner underneath the eyes has diminished but it is only 2 weeks of consumption.

Eskayvie promises 6 days for visible result (works to me!), 30 days for others to noticed a difference and friend’s praise and 90 days to believing your mirror. Would I continue Eskayvie beauty supplement? Hell yeah since I do want my acne scarring, hyperpigmentation to go away and to have that glowy, radiant skin. There is definitely an inclination to include Radianze in my beauty regime, and hopefully in 3 months, you will see a better me.

Eskayvie started since 2009 and since then, they have many satisfied customers, both for beauty and health benefits. Besides Radianze, Eskayvie offer other various type of supplements like Reverse for women’s health, Nutrelle, a detoxification programme and Reduze for weight loss among others. Eskayvie also have their very own skin care range named Hydralisse for pristine pure skin.


There is a new product that will be launching soon: Eskayvie’s I-Qids, a supplemnet to complement brain performance and memory capacity. Its cutting edge formula is truly revolutionary delivering DHA, ALA and PC in one synergistic drink. SAM_2744 1 sachet for children age 1-12 years old and 2 sachets for for age >12 y.o with breakfast is enough to achieve peak performance of the brain. I-Qids comes with delicious chocolate flavour that is appealing to all ages.

At the end of the event, we were getting a goodie bag and  served with delicious afternoon tea by chefs of Pullman Hotel. My favourite section is of course the desserts. SAM_2782 SAM_2783 SAM_2784
For more information, visit and like Eskayvie FB page Radianze is available at your nearest pharmacies:Guardian and Vitacare Pharmacy.
Eskayvie’s products are also available via online through their website The Prices for each product (1 BOX) as as follows:

  • Redianze –        RM160
  • Reverse –          RM88
  • Nutrelle –           RM90
  • I-Qids –              RM59
  • Liniment –          RM25
  • Afeeya Cafe –    RM22
  • Hydralisse set – RM279

Thank you again The Butterfly Project Malaysia  and Eskayvie for this opportunity.

Yours truly with Eskayvie CEO, Dr. Syid
Yours truly with Eskayvie CEO, Dr. Syid
Group picture with all the butterflies
Group picture with all the butterflies

Do you regularly taking beauty supplement? What do you think about it? Do leave your comment down below.

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