Haluuu and here we are again, welcoming Ramadhan this year. I would like to wish Salam Ramadhan to all my readers, family and friends.

Besides its a month of many challenges, Ramadhan brings forward celebratory vibes in preparation Syawal and Hari Raya/Eid.

After a long tiring day shopping for your Baju Raya, times flew by and you forgotten to book a table in the restaurant (hypoglycaemia does impair some cognitive functions). AAArrrgh! What are you going to do? What about breaking the fast with Daily Fresh? It is a cute convenient food kiosk to give you relief from hunger.



At Daily Fresh you can entice your appetite with Cup Corn and savour the delicious waffles, Wafito with many different flavours or cold down with soft and sweet Ice Kimo and Gelato Tempo.

For such a small kiosk, you will be surprised by how many different flavours and assortments Daily Fresh got to offer.There are 5 Cup Corn flavours: Original, Sweetened Milk, Freaky Garlic Cheese, Fury Chilli and Fancy Mayo. Each Cup Corn costed RM3.50. Add on only 50cents for extra flavours.


I have always loved Daily Fresh for its soft-inside-crunchy-outside waffles. Step away from your average classic flavour of chocolate, strawberry etc. Now they come with special Wafito Premium flavours: Coco Deluxe, Chicken floss, Pandan Kaya, Japanese BBQ and Nyonya Kaya. Wafito Premium retailed at RM 4.50 each.




To cure that sweet-tooth of yours, Ice Kimo is the way to go. Costs only RM4.20 per cup, you can choose your favourite out of 8 different flavours. My favourites are Mango Ice Kimo and Pineapple Ice Kimo.



If you fancy richer flavour, Daily Fresh serve Gelato Tempo fresh everyday. There are 10 whopping flavours that appeal to every boy and girls, young and old. Each Gelato + Wafer Bowl costed RM 5.90. Normally there is extra charge if you want to add toppings, do read till the end for a special promotion on Gelato Tempo this month.



Daily Fresh is recently introducing Flavoured Popcorn too. The flavours are: Caramel, Spicy Curry, Seaweed, Black Sesame, and Honey Dew. I would definitely recommend honey Dew Popcorn! DELICIOUS~ A tub of Daily Fresh Flavoured Popcorn costs RM 6.90 except for Caramel flavour which costs RM7.90.




About Daily Fresh

Daily Fresh is a brand that is committed on using the finest ingredients with right formulation. Daily Fresh always emphasizing the importance of freshness in their products. It is amazing that Daily Fresh cultivate and harvest ingredients are fresh from their own farms. They are passionate in making not only healthy and tasty products and also products that are full of vitality and character. Well, food always make me happy and what makes me happy even more? Answer: Food promotions.

I want to share with you daily Fresh special Hari Raya Promotions. When you visit Daily Fresh kiosk this Ramadhan, you can enjoy Daily Fresh Hari Raya Popcorn Combo Pack Promotion and Gelato Tempo Ramadhan Promotion. The promotion runs from 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014.

Raya Pop Corn Gelato Display Board 1

Daily Fresh Hari Raya Popcorn Combo Pack Promotion.

The promotion runs from 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014.

Purchase 1 big tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn and 1 big tub of ANY flavour Daily Fresh Popcorn and get 1 small tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn, 1 Daily Fresh Hari Raya Paper Bag & 1 pack of Daily Fresh Green packets (5 pieces)

The flavours for the Daily Fresh Flavoured Popcorn are: Caramel, Spicy Curry, Seaweed, Black Sesame, and Honey Dew.

Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo Ramadhan Promotion

The promotion runs from 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014.

Purchase ANY flavoured Gelato Tempo at RM4.90 with FREE toppings.

(Normal price Gelato + Wafer Bowl RM 5.90, Gelato + Wafer Bowl + 2 toppings RM6.90)

Daily Fresh’s Ramadhan promotions are good right? I have a even great news. Below is a special e-Voucher courtesy from Daily Fresh especially from my readers. Now you guys can have the Daily Fresh experience just like me! Just print the e-Voucher and head over to your nearest Daily Fresh.


outlet gelato tempo outlet popcorn

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Salam Ramadhan again from me @pzaqmar!



***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, as always all reviews are my honest opinion.


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