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I’ve been seeing this tag recently among my blogger friends – First it is Wiida Ribbon and then it was Sabby Prue. So, I just thought that it would be fun to do this. (Not sure if I ever did a tag entry on my blog).

raya tag

If you interested, keep on reading…

1. What are your raya traditions?

For those who didn’t know, I have three families: Mother’s, Father’s and In-Law’s.

Typically, my mother, sisters and me would have the KL raya where we cook Raya food on Raya eve and in the morning, we will head to meet my mother’s side of family (grandfather, aunts and uncle) which mainly in KL area. For now it is in Dato’ Keramat.

Since I am married, (last 2 years) after spending the morning with my mother’s family, me and husband will head to Putrajaya in the afternoon and beraya with my parent-in-law and husband’s siblings, then we’ll head to Muar/Tangkak to visit all the extended family members of my husband’s side.

I’m lucky to have both families nearby.

My father, you asked? I would spend the my Aidiladha Raya exclusively with my father and his families.

As for 2014, we’re having a slight change from tradition. Me and my mom’s family will spend most of Raya holiday in Langkawi instead. Why? Watch the video below to find out. 😉

2. How many and what kind of baju raya are u getting?

This year, I didn’t buy any baju raya but I do have two (very) different outfits.

On raya morning, I’ll be wearing a lovely beaded jubah, a gift from my mother-in-law when she came back from Mekah early of the year for Umrah.

Then, later of the day, since I’ll beraya in Langkawi, I’ll be wearing my flawy Beaded kaftan top with jeans on the plane on the plane. I think it fits the occasion too.

3. What’s your favourite makeup look for raya?

My favourite make up look is a glowy base with heavy eyeliner and nude lips. Why? mainly because it’s easy to maintain.

Make up products that i’ll be using this year are as below:


4. What’s your favourite Raya dish and kuih?

I will always eat Ketupat nasi and Lontong with a dash of Kuah kacang first. That’s my ultimate Raya food.

I will hunt down Kuih Ros whenever I visited open houses during Raya.

5. Balik kampung mana?

This year me and my mother’s families will be going to Langkawi.

But I’ll be in Putrajaya during raya eve and Raya morning with in-laws families. So, short answer: Putrajaya.

6. Favourite kasut raya?

Although strapped 4 inches heels would look good with the whole Raya outfit, I would much prefer to wear a good wedge pumps as it is still give you much needed height and easy to remove while visit open houses

It is easier to manoeuvre in Kampungs too as pointed heels usually get stuck in the soil/grass land.

7. How many houses do you visit?

Following the traditions, 1st raya: 2.

2nd Raya onwards: many >5houses, mainly my husband’s extended families houses.

8. How many open houses in the month?

I don’t usually go to open houses after the first week of Syawal (when i’m on leave) as usually I’ll be working or on call on the weekends after raya weekend. (“Perks” of working in the hospital)

9. Duit raya dapat brapa or dah tak dapat?

No more duit raya for me >_<”’

10. Ultimate favourite part about raya.

Well, Raya for me is to finally get the well deserved work leave to spend time with my mother and sisters. All of us are in the medical field, it is not easy to bring everybody together. So, raya is the perfect occasion for it.

BTW, I did a video on this Raya 2014 Tag (Betcha didn’t know that I have a YouTube channel). Click below to watch it.

I’m tagging all of you who are reading this post. Do leave your blog link or YouTube channel down in the comment below if you did this tag or even just comment below sharing with your Raya tradition, favourite raya, baju raya etc.

I’m now heading balik kampung (see above) for Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Thanks for dropping by.



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  1. wah!!! wiida suke! suke! suke! the best part is : sadly, i dont get duit raya anymore. sedihnye! ;( hehe. anyway, best nye family in medical line. <3

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