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I just came back from Bangkok, celebrating my wedding anniversarry with hubs. I am pretty excited shopping for clothes and make up brand. There are lots of diferrent brands that is not in Malaysia. I saw Catrice (UK brand), 4U2 (USA brand), Cathy Doll (Korean brand) and many more. I was excited visiting Boots pharmacy and even Watson’s. I even saw the ever famous Bioderma but didn’t purchase as it is so expensive. However, I spent much of my money on Thai makeup brand. If you ever visit Thailand, I would recommend you to stop by Beauty Buffet: The most delicious beauty shop in town! Beauty Buffet is a beauty flagship shop similar to Korean beauty shop in Malaysia like Etude House, Elianto etc. Thailand have over 180 branches and I went to one of them in Bangkok. They were also having up to 50% sale, so I couldn’t resist.

SAM_2988 One of the brand available in Beauty Buffet is The Bakery. It is a cutesy make up line that is vegan and not tested on animals. Furthermore the packaging of The Bakery makeup line is so cute and fun, I got to own them. I have included the discounted price of each item (50%) so you guys can see why this is an irresistable deal.

1) Millefeuille cream & shadow in no. 5

SAM_2990 SAM_2992 There are two pressed eyeshadow and one cream eyeshadow base. No. 5 comes with a shimmery moss green and golden dark brown. The cream shadow is a shimmery white shade. They include a sponge tip appllicator which I might not ever use. I really like how fine the shimmers in this eye shadows. Pigmentation is not too bright, apliction is not chalky. Both shades blends well. The cream shadow is not as creamy that I thought. It leaves a sticky surface so I recommend to pat powder eyeshadow on top. SAM_2993 SAM_2996
Cost: 125 Thai baht (RM 12.35)

2) Macaron mono shadow in No.25

SAM_2998 SAM_3000 SAM_3001 The packaging is a cute small round pan weigh around 3g. So you have a average amount of pigment. Similar to the trio, this is a shimmery shade too but more pigmented. As you can see from the swatches – there aren’t huge difference between single swatches and heavily swatched. I chose shade no. 25 as I think this one would complement the trio too. No. 25 is a teal blue. This shade also not chalky and blends well. SAM_3002
Cost: 50 Thai baht (RM 4.90)

3) Lollipop Blusher in no. 2

SAM_3006 SAM_3007 SAM_3008 The packaging is similar to mono shadow but it is bulkier. I like the lid is smooth and easy to handle. No. 2 is frosty peachy pink shade that gives your cheek a natural sheen. It is delicious to look at, like a yummy peach cream. The blush lasted a good 6 hours before you need to reapply for the initial same intensity.
Cost: 95 Thai baht (RM 9.35)

4) Choco Stick lipstick in no. 9

SAM_3019 SAM_3025 I just could resist grabbing the lipstick from The Bakery collection because they are so cheap. (Only 69 bath/RM 6.90 each). The packaging is a thin lipstick with cute design and dark chocolate colour background. It is a twist up lipstick with slanted top with fits perfectly over the lips on application. Compared to normal lipstick, this is much thinner and slim. However, I think that the amount of lipstick is about the same.

much slimmer compared to normal lipstick packaging (I compared with my Estee Lauder lipstick)
much slimmer compared to normal lipstick packaging (I compared with my Estee Lauder lipstick)
Fully retracted
Fully retracted

No. 9 is a satin finish orange shade. I like how hydrating it feel on application. This orange shade surprising matched my skin tone. After 5 minutes or so of application, my lips felt like I did not applied any lipstick at all. No drying feeling too. However, it is not long lasting, I had to reapply after meal. SAM_3027 SAM_3068 SAM_3065
Cost: 67 Thai baht (RM 6.60)  

Here’s a sweet and fresh makeup look that I have created using The Bakery make up. I really think the Millefeuille eyeshadow trio and the Macaron Mono eyeshadow really blends well. The only little wish i have is they would name each shade of each different products with a catchy name too (not just number). SAM_2986 SAM_2968 SAM_2982 The Bakery makeup line is pretty delicious, right? SAM_2979 I would recommend for you guys to check out Beauty Buffet whenever you are in Thailand. I think the store offer various make up and beauty products with affordable price.

Check out Beauty Buffet website and feast your eyes with more delicious beauty products. www.beautybuffetstore.com

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