Happy Merdeka Day!

2014 has been a tough year for Malaysia. The lost of #MH370 and #MH17, the unbearable traffic due to MRT construction and many more. However, I still love living in Malaysia, even with its flaws, it is still my home.

In celebrating Malaysia’s Independence Day, I am currently training for Malaysia Day run on the 6th September in Putrajaya. On top of that, I am lucky that I am not working during Merdeka day weekend. Maybe I will catch the firework display by midnight or maybe I’ll just have a dinner with my family. What ever you do, do spend a moment on celebrating living free in this blessed country.

Just for fun, I’ll be sharing my take on street-wearable graphic liner look for this year’s Merdeka celebration with just 10 easy steps. I think this graphic eye liner look is great for going to concert, outdoor festival or even fun under the sun.

10 easy steps Graphic liner look

1) After applying foundation and conceal blemishes for a flawless base, set base makeup with translucent powder. I am using The Faceshop CC cream, NARS Creamy concealer in Ginger and Make Up For Ever translucent powder.

Base makeup
Base makeup. Don’t forget to prime the eyelids too.

2) Prep eye lids with Urban Decay Eye Primer in original. Both on both upper and lower lids. I love UD eye primer as it is creamy, and makes your eye make up lasted the whole day with creasing.

3) Start with carefully tight-lining the upper rims of the upper lashes using creamy black eye pencil. I am using Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner  in Galaxy Black (READ review here)

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 7

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 1

4) Using a graphic blue liner, Mine is Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12 hr Wear Waterproof in Surfer Babe make a thick line on the upper lashes close to the lash line and create a wing on the outer part of lash line.

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 2


Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 8

5) Taking back the black gel eyeliner (Miss Hana Gel eyeliner in Galaxy Black) and carefully draw a thin line close to the lash line on top of the blue eye liner that we have just created. Intensify the black eyeliner with clean line using liquid black eye liner. I’m using Koji Dolly Wink liquid black eyeliner pen. Trace the outer upper line of the blue eyeliner with black liquid eyeliner with a thin line. Extend the wing out and upwards.

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 4

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 5 Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 3

6) Create a soft line from the edge of the wing into the crease line and stop rough about 1/3 of the outer crease line. As I’m using a creamy gel black eyeliner, it is easy to soften the crease line by smudging line with a flat slanted stiff eyeliner brush inward. Reapply gel eyeliner to achieve the your desired intensity. Now, the crease line will disappear when you close your eyes, but it will peek through blinking and if you gaze downwards.

7) Using a the same shimmery black eyeliner pencil, liner outer 1/3rd of lower lash line, and smudge with a brush. I like to drag my brush slightly outwards more than where my lower lash ends to elongate my eyes.

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 10

8) Heavy eye liner can make eye looks small. Counter this by lining your waterline with creamy white eye liner. I am using Maybelline Master liner in white. Using a small pencil brush, dust a shimmery yellow eyeshadow in the inner corners to open up those beautifully lined peepers.

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 9

9) Finish off the eye make up with generously amount of black mascara in the upper and lower lashes. Add falsies if you want too. Mascara that I’m using is Benefit’s They’re Real mascara.

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 12

10) Pair this graphic eyeliner makeup with sculpted bronzy cheeks and Cherry red lips. I choose The Balm bronzer and Revlon’s Lip butter in Cherry tart. I only dab the lip colour to give a red tinge instead of a full blown red lips to avoid clashing with the eye makeup.

Paired your Jalur Gemilang colour scheme make up with a big smile and  now, you’re ready to go out and be proud being Malaysian.

Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 13 Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 14 Merdeka makeup tutorial graphic liner 11

I really like how wearable this graphic liner look. With eyes open, it seemed like I’m wearing a normal blue eye liner, but the smudge line will peek thru on looking down or when I blink my eyes. Readers, do you like this (totally wearable) graphic eye liner look?

Happy 57th Merdeka Day, Malaysia.


6 comments on “Merdeka Makeup Look (Graphic liner)”

  1. Nice makeup, I never dare myself to use other colour eyeliner. I’m so used to using black all the time. Will definitely give this a try one day. By the way I’ve been searching for white eye liner for a while, so thanks for mentioning yours. Will look out for it the next time I drop by Guardian or Watson.

    • You should try a nice subtle coloured eyeliner: bronze, dark blue/purple that is not too bright. Really make the eyes pop! yup, so far Maybelline makes good pencil eyeliner, that’s affordable too.

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