Imagine the ultimate luxurious cinematic experience you ever had – comfortable reclining arm chair, warm blanket and paired with delicious fine dining food. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and TGV Indulge, I was able to get that experience myself.

TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out 2

It was our Butterfly Girls Night Out where ONLY GIRLS ALLOWED in the elegant fine dining experience at TGV Indulge, One Utama. Of course all of us were dressed to the occasion. (Tammy looks so gorgeous in her vavavoom dress I hardly recognise her). On arrival 123 Cheese photo booth was set up so us girls can have fun pictures taken and had the pictures printed for safe keeping. I must have taken so many photos. Thank you 123 Cheese!

Muse by Watsons were also there to introduce the butterflies to their exclusive Indeed Labs products that came all the way from Canada. Of all, I am interested with the Nanoblur and Pepta-bright. I received a tube of Retinol Reface cream and a piece of Hydraluron Face Mask and  to try at home. Yay!
TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out 1 TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out
Visit Muse by Watsons  FB Page or visit their store is located at Sunway Pyramid to check out other exclusive products that they offer. 
Fellow Butterflies; Ms Bulat and Izzah taking care of registration
Fellow Butterflies; Ms Bulat and Izzah taking care of registration

The entrance of TGV Indulge is classy and elegant. As you peek inside, there were sofas and table arranged in sophisticated ambience for your fine dining experience. The decor is simply breathtaking. I love the modern, sleek vibe yet cozy space. They even have a bar for your to sip mocktails or even fine wine while waiting for the movie to start.

The Lounge
The Lounge

TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out 6 TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out15 While waiting for the dinner, we sips on Grape Mojito while sitting on the comfortable sofas in the lounge while serenaded by melodic jazzy tunes. Aaah…bliss~

TGV Indulge bar
TGV Indulge bar

TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out4 I am so happy to be able to catch up with fellow butterflies again while tasting some of the TGV Indulge signature dishes.  TGV Indulge is a plush lounge where service is exclusive as each table is attentively served with a personal waiter. TGV Indulge also have their own in-house chef cooking for the lovely food.


As you can see from the pictures below, TGV Indulge is not stingy with the portion of their food. (unlike most fine dining restaurants do). 

Are you ready to feast your eyes with some drooling pictures of delicious food?

Appetizer: Pumpkin salad
Salad: Pumpkin salad Rocket leaves with honey roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes & capsicums, with Balsamic dressing
Appetizer: Smoked duck salad
Salad: Smoked Duck salad Smoked duck breast served with mesclun greens, capsicum & skewed with kiwi, with balsamic dressing
Entree: Lamb Kofta
Entree: Lamb Kofta Lamb patties served with green salad
Entree: Stuffed Potato Skins
Entree: Stuffed Potato Skins Potato skins stuffed with turkey bacon & mozzarella
Main: Cajun Chicken
Main: Cajun Chicken Grilled boneless chicken thigh with Cajun seasoning
Main: Grilled salmon
Main: Grilled salmon Served with seasonal vegetables with lemon butter sauce
Main:Grilled lamb racks
Main:Grilled Lamb Rack Served with seasonal vegetables & rosemary sauce
Dessert: Panna Cotta
Dessert: Panna Cotta Italian cooked cream topped with raspberry
Dessert: Nutty Banana Tortilla
Dessert: Nutty Banana Tortilla Tortilla filled with peanut butter, cornflakes & freshly sliced banana

For the Butterfly Night Out, we were spoil rotten with mini portions of 10 course meals. So you can see that TGV Indulge offers variety of food, whether Western, Indian, Arabic or even Asian cuisine. My favourite dishes would be the Pumpkin, Smoked Duck salad and Cajun Chicken. Yumms….

The hallway from The Lounge to the cinema hall
The hallway from The Lounge to the cinema hall

Once our appetite are satisfied, we were escorted to the cinema hall upstairs. There are two halls. Each can caters 35-45 moviegoers. Each halls are equipped with a large relaxing reclining chairs, small table with call button and a fluffy blanket. As I sit down, making myself comfortable, already I felt relaxed and the blanket (more like a mini comforter) warms me up as I snug as a bug in a rug. On top of that I got to indulge on my dessert while watching the movie: a delectable Panna Cotta. The is the ultimate luxury cinematic experience for me. TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out18 TGV Indulge review Butterfly night out19 There is a call button as the side of the chair, where you can buzz the attendant. Each of them wore a watch that will vibrate and flash the seat number of the patrons. They may help the patron anytime during the movie if required e.g: extra drinks, order desserts/popcorn etc. How cool it that?!

#selfie after Lucy movie ends. Felt rested. :-)
#selfie after Lucy movie ends. Felt rested. 🙂

We watched Scarlet Johansson in Lucy that night. The ending of the movie is a bit dry for me, BUT the night ends exquisitely for me. It was an impeccably lovely Butterfly Girls Night Out. Book your ticket for your own ultimate luxurious cinematic experience at TGV Indulge. For Hall booking: Call 03-7726 3535 ext 6025 or book online For Table reservation 03-7722 2590

TGV Indulge 1 Utama
EZ101, 3rd Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

HOTLINE 1300222 TGV (848)

Visit for more information. TGV has now launched their loyalty programme – TGV Cinemas Movie Club too. It is open to all moviegoers where members can expect to receive welcome freebies, birthday freebies, MovieMoney, special invites to premieres or events and so much more. Click below to join.

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