Hi guys…I’ve been tagged by my good friend, Dina who blogged at http://paninistakesonskinandmakeup.blogspot.com to do this tag initially “infected” by fellow butterflies, Sabby Prue. ( and no..Sabby didn’t infect Dina with Ebola..just Lipstickitis..okaayy…lame joke, lets move on…) Lipsticks and women are inseparable, hence I also have a fair share of favourites and non-favourites.

Let’s get onto the tag.


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1) Favourite Lip Balm/Treatment

This is a must for me and for everyone out there. Cracked, dry lips are too painful to bear. My favourite lip balm would be Maybelline Baby Lips. I have a few from these series and at the moment I love Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue. They’re cute, smooth, non oily, taste good and works well. I must have Baby Lips stashed everywhere- at the bedside, in my handbag, in gym bag, office’s lack, car’s dashboard. My hubby uses these too especially in flight. Read my Full Review HERE. 

Lip Product Addict Tag2 I love using lip scrub too. My new fav would be a premium lip scrub, the new baby on the local market: Love Bite Attack, a cute lip scrub from MakeUp Crime. This cute gems is delicious and works well on exfoliating the delicate skin of the lips. I use this once a week and my lips are soft and smooth. Did I tell you it’s hydrating too? Read my Full review and demo HERE. Click HERE to win yourself Love Bite Attack lip scrub by MakeUp Crime too.

2) Best Eye-catching Red 

I love doning red lips once in awhile because it is womanly and sexy. It took me a while to find the right red lipstick for my skin tone.

Best RED!
Best RED!

My favourite would be Maybelline Red Porcelain. It is a neutral tone blood red that complement almost all skin tone. This is definitely eye-catching red that I have giving the mysterious, sexy red lips. The finish is semi-matte with creamy application. I often use lip brush to apply precisely. It is also long wearing layered on top of lip liner up to 8 hours.

Lip Product Addict Tag4 Lip Product Addict Tag5

Another favourite is Etude House Rosy Lip Tint in K-Pop Rose. Loved this shade on me and matte finish. (I preferred matte/semi-matte red lips over shiny/glossy finish). Read my old review HERE

3) Best Luxury & Best Drugstore  

My best luxury lipstick would be Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick.

The packaging is sleek, modern with metallic sheen. Each bullet has a weight than you can feel in your hands evidently it is not flimsy packaging. The cap is firmly attached (I hate it when the cap fall off in the handbag) and the texture is creamy and luxurious to wear. The formula is soft, creamy and hydrating. It is super-pigmented too. On my lips it is long wearing and I love the range of shades offered from nudes to bold red.

Lip Product Addict Tag8 Lip Product Addict Tag9 Lip Product Addict Tag10

The other lip product is this category that is not exactly a lipstick would be Too Faced Melted. i love the pigmentation. The formula is so creamy and long lasting. The applicator brush is just perfect and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this beside UD Revolution Lipstick. Read My review on Too Faced Melted HERE.

My best drugstore lipstick gotta be Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick.

I have 4 different shades so far and I love all dearly. There are 4 different finishes: Creme, Pearl, Shine and Matte. I love the Creme and Shine formula but Matte is great too. The Creme formula glides like a melted butter (without the greasy/oily feeling) and the pigmentation of these lipsticks are great. Its is moisturising to the lips and can last up to 8 hours on me. The packaging is simple and sleek. I like it where you can see the actually shade on top of the cap, so it is easy to choose which one you fancy that day. One of the best drugstore lipstick, I bought this as a gifts for my mother and MIL because I love it so much.

Lip Product Addict Tag11 Lip Product Addict Tag12 Lip Product Addict Tag13

4) Best M.A.C Lipstick  

I do not own a M.A.C lipstick yet. But I remember using my aunt’s once upon a time and it was divine. Can’t remember which one it is though.

5) Most Disappointing 

I think Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede lipstick is pretty disappointing. It claimed to be last lasting but it gave me a weird patchy clumps on my lips after it dried. Initially it is applied smoothly, then it dries into a velvety layer (hence the name). But after 15- 30 minutes it starts to clumps and drying out my lips. Absolutely horrible on my lips. I gave it to my younger sister and she’s using it fine. I did try another shade in the same series but same clumping effect happened. I don’t know what went wrong.

Lip Product Addict Tag6

the swatch was beautiful but the wear: yuck!
the swatch was beautiful but the wear is yuck!

6) Liner ? Yes or No

I don’t usually wear lip liner every time I apply lipstick. I would definitely use it for nude lips (my natural lips are quite pigmented, lip liner is a great way to tone it down) and red lips to avoid feathering. My favourite lip liner at the moment is Revlon Color Stay Lip liner. It is retractable (easy breezy, no need to sharpen) and texture that is just a nice balance between creamy and hard. It lasts a long time too.

Lip Product Addict Tag16 Lip Product Addict Tag17

7) Best Lip Gloss

I love NYX Butter Gloss. My favourite shade would be Strawberry Parfait. It is non-sticky, light and buttery, giving your lips a nice glossy finish. The scent is sweet and delicious. The doe-foot applicator is great too. The winning aspect would definitely be the formula. I glides nicely on bare lips or on top of lipstick. On bare lips, it is hydrating and nourishing. I love NYX Butter Gloss a lot, I featured them in my monthly favourites multiple times.

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8) Something Extra  (where I can talk about anything lip product/care related)

The last question would be a free title where I can talk anything about lip product/care. In that case, I would like to share my wish list of lip product that I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime.

EOS lip balm – It is in everybody else’s favourite list. I really wish I have one.

Dior Addict Fluid Stick – luxurious packaging, bright pigmentation – I want!

dior addict fluid stick

M.A.C Lipstick – I tried my aunt’s lipstick when I was 19, but I can never forget how beautiful I felt in it. Every girl gotta have a M.A.C lipstick right?

Oklah, tak boleh banyak2. Tamak pulak nanti. 🙂

I’m tagging all of you who read till the end and don’t forget to drop your link in the comment section below or just comment below what is your favourite lip product ever.

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