Hello lovelies,
It has been a while since my last Maskin’ Monday series. It was so long ago, I can’t really remember but being a sheet mask lover, I have been using them religiously at least once a week.
How is Aidiladha /long weekend been for you? I travelled to visit my father in Kelantan, so I would mine is pretty tiring. I just came back from Kelantan via flight and my skin does need a pick-me-up. I decided to try on Hydraluron moisture boosting mask by Indeed Labs.
This would be my first impression on the mask.
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Mask Review
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Mask Review1


The packaging is sleek with professional lab-like looking design. One mask contains 20ml of Hydraluron essence.
It is easy to peel of the edge of packaging seal. Inside there’s a folded mask into a quarter, drenched in the serum. so when you take out, it’ll drip a lil.
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Mask Review2
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Mask Review3


The masks fits perfectly but you have to peel the outlet for the eyes yourself. It is comfortable to wear even for more than 20 minutes.
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Mask Review4


The essence is transparent in colour with a fluid-to-gel-like consistency. As I’m wearing it, I feel the colloing sensation of the mask but the sheet mask is not to thin that all the essence drips from the side of my face.
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Mask Review5


I love the cooling sensation on wearing the mask. It felt like my skin drinking all the hyaluronic acid and water in. After 30 mins the mask is still fresh and not dried out at all. On removing the mask, my skin felt hydrated and soft. There are not much essence residue left on the skin but I did massaged my face a little bit and the essence absorbed well into the skin.


Indeed Labs is a Canadian brand that is a cosmetic company committed to bringing technological advances in skincare development- very much a westerner approach to skincare. Westerner do not make good sheet masks. 
However this mask is made from Japan. Hence, the mask really are designed by the best sheet mask maker in the world. The essence is rich yet light, moisturising and absorbed well into my skin. The packaging is sleek and professional looking – in keeping with all other Indeed Labs product design. Like most of great Japanese/Korean sheet mask, it is comfortable to wear and it works.
My skin felt hydrated and soft afterwards :-)
My skin felt hydrated and soft afterwards 🙂

Where can I find it?

Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture boosting mask retailed at RM10 each and it is exclusively in Muse by Watsons at their outlet in LG 1.59 Sunway Pyramid mall.
I did a review on another Indeed Labs product specifically design as anti-wrinkle, pro-firmness skin care: Retinol Reface. Read about it HERE.
Retinol Reface.JPG
Do visit Muse by Watsons facebook page for more information.

Let me know what you think! :)