If you follow my instagram, you’ll noticed I’ve shared that I received a huge Watsons box today. Wonder what’s inside?


Read on to see it. And I would like to share with you guys how to get it too. Do read till the end 😉

First, let see what I’ve received.
*drum roll*
*wait for it*


The whole set of Watsons brand bodycare products: The Morocco Argan Oil Collection from the Naturals by Watsons series.

This is my beauty secret for revitalised skin, rich in essential fatty acids to nourish and moisturise giving my skin the nutrition and protection it needed. Contains vitamin B complex, vitamin E and vitamin K intensely revitalising the skin.

I received:
Argan Oil Shower Gel
Argan Oil Body Lotion
Argan Oil Body Scrub
Argan Oil Hand Cream

(All are full sized :-D)

This body care products contains certified organic Argan oil from Morocco and smells heavenly.

Thank you Watsons Brand!!!


Do you want to get your own Watsons Box too? Say YES and get rewarded!


What you need? Two things:
Watsons VIP Card
Facebook account

Step 1: JOIN
Log-in with your registered account on watsonsbrand.woop.my

Share these with your friends and family so that they can also experience how to look good and feel great with Watsons brand

Have fun completing your missions to earn up to 16,000 Watson VIP Card points

Step 4: REDEEM
Redeem your points for exciting products in any of the Watsons stores nationwide. There are variety of products from skin care to hair products to be redeemed.

Start your ‘Say YES to Watsons brand’ journey now!


Visit Watsons Brand official site for more information

Like Watsons FB and instagram page

5 comments on “Say YES to Watsons brand”

  1. Thanks for the info. Lin dah join!

    Tp kenapa tak boleh nak buat Daily Mission yg ada 4 steps tu ek? Yg big mission dah settle and dia tulis pending.

    P/S: psst..Link dekat step 1 tu tak boleh guna sebab instead of watsons, sis tulis watson with no S.

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