Hello lovelies,

I did a Lip Product Addict Tag after been tagged by my dear friend Dina. I have previously done this tag in my blog way back in September.

Visit this link to read my post: http://pzaqmar.com/2014/10/lip-product-addict-tag/

However, here it is again but in a video form. This Lip Product Addict Tag is a collaboration with a few of my friends who are also Malaysian YouTubers: Wiida Ribbon and Yukiko Tan.

Lip Product Addict Tag

Since this is my second challenge in doing this tag, so you’ll noticed there is a difference- something old and something new. Hey, i’m a self-proclaimed lip product addict so, my favourite lip products changes according to my mood.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video.

(Trivia: I shooted this video at a boutique hotel in Penang, hence the amazing background. Love!!)

Lip Product Addict Tag


As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a collaboration with my YouTuber friends. Their videos are listed down below. Feel free to check them out too.

Wiida Ribbon

Yukiko Tan

The questions asked were:
1. What is your favourite balm or treatment?
2. What is your favourite eye ctaching red?
3. The best luxury and drugstore product?
4. Best MAC lipstick?
5. Most dissapointing lip product?
6. Lipliner: Yes or No?
7. Favourite gloss?
8. …Something else?! (You can share anything you like as long as it is lip products-related)



Let me know what you think! :)