Minnasan konnichiwa!!! (Hello everybody!!!)

It’s has been a while since I last attended a Butterfly Project Malaysia event. Arigatō Mamasan, Tammy Lim for this invite. I’m so happy to be part of Butterfly Project Malaysia and got to go to this Halloween party with Kracie. (Usually I will pretend to have an awesome Halloween watching scary old movies on TV at home. But not this year! Hehehe)

Kracie Ichikami range_7778
Kracie Hadabisei and Ichikami range are now in Malaysia

I did dress up to the occasion, read on to see my kawaii makeup look and #ootd. And oh, if you noticed I’m speaking Japanese, I’m practising for my trip to Japan next year. ;P (Or..thanks to Google Translate. hehe)

Kracie ni tsuite sukoshi (A little about Kracie)

I think most of us would recognise Kracie in its former name: Kanebo. (Aaah..now I caught your attention right?!) In 1936, its predecessor successfully developed the technology of refining raw oil used to make soaps from chrysalises of silkworms for the first time in Japan and introduced the highest quality soap, ‘Savon de Soie’ (Kanebo Silk Soap), to the market.

Kanebo was a successful cosmetics brand, even surviving World War II in 1944-1946. The brand start producing food products and pharmaceutical products too.


In 2007, Kanebo was renamed as “Kracie”, with its slogan “たいせつなこと。”(Taisetsu na koto) means “for the important things in life”. Kracie is now one of the largest Japanese companies in Japan providing lifestyle products for everyday: Toiletries & Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and Food. 

I was so happy to celebrate Halloween with Kracie and Butterfly Project Malaysia. The theme was “Keep Calm and Stay Kawaii”. Obviously the girls (and me!) brought out our cutest Japanesy (!) outfit and wore them to the event.

Here are some of pictures taken at the event.
Kracie Hadabisei Ichikami range_3713
262Kracie Hadabisei Ichikami range
With Mamasan Tammy Lim and her green hair *pic from BPM
3Kracie Hadabisei Ichikami range
*pic from BPM
Kracie Hadabisei Ichikami range_3703
He came all the way from Tokyo to share with us about Hadabisei and Ichikami
He came all the way from Tokyo to share with us about Hadabisei and Ichikami

Watashi wa kawaii deshitaka? (Was I cute?)


with lovely Pinku No Sakura
with lovely Pinku No Sakura
Kracie Hadabisei Ichikami range_3714


Koko o mite! (Look here!)

I was introduced to the two cult products from Kracie and they were Ichikami Hair Care range and Hadabisei Facial Masks. These are really popular in Japan!

Ichikami Hair Care

A hair care series that uses Japanese Botanical Essences to not only repair existing hair damage, but prevent future damages as well.

It is formulated with repair and prevention ingredients. It is not surprising that the main ingredient is Rice Extract that gives your hair boost of moisture, lustres, strengthens, repairs and nourishes from tip to roots.

Kracie Hadabisei Ichikami range_3705

Another key point to note that the Ichikami shampoo has a fine lather that cleans hair gently while protecting against further damage from shampooing.

There are two hair care lines: Moist Care and Smooth Care.

Moist care line  (Pink bottle) aims to hydrate the hair and scalp, give the maximum moisture needed to both the hair and scalp. Good bye dry and brittle hair, split ends and dullness. 

Smooth care line (Orange bottle) aims to improve the smoothness of hair and repair the damaged hair at the same time. For those with  tangled and frizzy hair, permed and colored hair, oily hair and stiff hair–> this is for you!

Kracie Hadabisei Ichikami range_3717

Ichikami shampoo and conditioner retail at RM15.90 each.
Kracie Ichikami
Travel set (shampoo and conditioner in a cute plastic package) retail for RM15.90 
Kracie Ichikami range_7780
Ichikami Hair Styling products range between RM18.90 to RM28.90.
Ichikami Hair Oil retails for RM39.90.


Hadabisei Skin Care

Hadabisei is a total skin care brand which comprises Brightening, Dryness-induced Wrinkle Care, Adult Acne Care and face masks, providing all-rounded care to promote beautiful, clear skin. However, I would to show to you guys the STAR PRODUCT which is the Hadabisei facial masks. I am a total sheet mask addict so I am pretty excited for Hadabisei facial masks. 


They have wide variety to choose from to suit different skin trouble needs. 

1) Advanced Penetrating 3D Mask: available in 2 types, Super Suppleness and Aging-care Moisturizing. Its three-dimensional shape adheres closely to face, allowing rich serum to penetrate thoroughly for superior moisturizing effect.

Kracie Hadabisei 3

Each pack (4 pieces) retails for RM 45.90. 

2) Moisture Penetrating Mask series:  available in 5 variations of beauty serum to cater to different skin care needs.

Kracie Hadabisei 4

Each pack (4 set) retails for RM 28.90.

3) Dryness-induced Wrinkle Care series: Partial Care, Full Face and 3D masks have been developed to reduce the appearance of dryness-induced fine lines.

Kracie Hadabisei 2

Eye Zone Mask (30 pieces) retails for RM 48.90.

Face Mask (30 peices) retails for RM48.90. 


4) All-in-1 sheet masks: gives the benefits of toner, serum, moisturiser and facial mask in one everyday sheet mask. 

Kracie Hadabisei 6

All in 1 Mask (40 pieces) retails for RM 48.90.


Doko Kracie o de mitsukeru ni wa? (Where to find Kracie?)

Kracie Ichikami and Hadabisei range are available at all AEON Wellness Store nationwide in Malaysia.

AEON Wellness Store branches are as listed below:

Mid Valley, Bandar Utama, Taman Maluri, Taman Equine, Queensbay, Bandar Sunway, Bukit Indah, Mahkota Cheras, Permas Jaya, AU2, Bukit Tinggi, Kulai, Bandaraya Malacca, Metro Prima, Subang Jaya, Bangsar South, Penang Prai, Ipoh Station 18, Bandar Puchong, Bukit Mertajam, Wangsa Maju, River City, Alpha Angle, Quill City, IOI Putrajaya Citymall, Taiping Mall, Tropicana City Mall, and etc.

For more information,visit:

Kracie website 

AEON Wellness website


Group pictures with Kracie and butterflies
Group picture with Kracie and butterflies

O yomi itadaki arigatō gozaimashita (Thank you for reading)

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  1. thank you dear Puteri for being present to help me with this event and also you blogged about it despite being a volunteer! lotsa love. You describe the products and introduce Kracie very well here 🙂 I’m impressed!!!!!!! Keep up the good work 🙂

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