Hello lovelies…

I am so excited to show you my new blog design and name: Cosmephilia!!! Hooray~~

I have been slowly introducing the name Cosmephilia in my blog. Some of you might have notice it for a while. Let me tell you the story in a Q&A form. (to make it fun)

Q: Why Cosmephilia? What does it means?

A: -philia is a combining form in a noun that originate from a Greek word Philos which means “loving” Cosmephilia simply means having abnormal liking/affinity to cosmetics. I am a Cosmephiliac and my blog is all about cosmetics, beauty and all about that base.

Q: Why now?

A: I have always wanted  a personalised design for my blog. It took me a few months to find the best artist for the design and all the technical stuff. I must say I have planned all this very sloooooowwwllly. Since we are welcoming another new year, I thought it would be fun to announce this now.

Q: What else?

A: I am so excited to announce I have now a Facebook Page too. Most of my blogger friends have it, even my hubby have it HERE so I decided to create one for Cosmephilia. Love it! With the new design, I also have my very first business card too. I hope I can get to know more blogger friends and increasing my networks with this.


What do you think of my new blog name and design? Do let me know in the comment below. As this is pretty a BIG thing for me, I would like to thank all my readers and friends for the support that I have been getting.

As a special thank you, I am hosting a Cosmephilia Launch Giveaway.

The Beauty hamper that I am giving away contains my favourites as shown below. I love The Balm eyeshadow palette as they are highly pigmented and easy to blend. Here is your chance to win The Balm Shady Lady palette featuring 9 beautiful shades of eyeshadows worth RM120, along with some other products: stick blush, nail polish etc.



1) Are you obsess with cosmetics product like me? Leave a comment on this post letting me which is you most favourite cosmetic product for 2014.

2) Like my Cosmephilia Facebook Page, follow my twitter and instagram at @pzaqmar. I have include a shortcut down in the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

3) I will announce the winner on 15th January 2015. Giveaway is open for Malaysian and Singaporean only
Here is a closer look to the shadows in The Balm Shady Lady palette. Lovely!


Thanks for reading.

26 comments on “Cosmephilia Launch Part 1: New Name, New Design and A Giveaway”

  1. Yayssss and congrats on the new name & design! ♥
    As for the answer on the no.1 question, hmm i dont really have much but i was pretty much obsessed with my Sleek’s palettes and this Elite Paris gel eyeliner in Diamond black. Which speaking of, is it only me or only around my area but i rarely ever seen Elite in Watson’s anymore these days. :S

    Anyways~~ Aaaa if only im lucky enough to get my hands on the The Balm’s palette :O

  2. Hello Puteri 😀 Yu Jing here! Firstly, to answer your question, my fav product would be Tarte’s foundation stick (: it works really well with my skin and it looks super natural on me. Thank you so much for the feature on your blog and I’m glad to have had worked with you (:

  3. Salam n Hi kak Pzaq!

    Cantik sangat wajah baru blog akak, simple but nice. Selalu baca nak tengok beauty review walaupun kita tak pandai makeup and barang makeup pun tiada. hahaha.. Kesian kan… Now, dah alang-alang kak pzaq buat giveaway taknaklah ketinggalan, harus join. hehe..Kalau bukak instagram Azwar addicted sangat orang post barang makeup and muka yang dah tempek makeup, cantik sangat2..And Azwar paling suka barang kosmetik naked 3 palette and Nars Dual- intensity Eyeshadows, bila tengok orang pakai nampak natural sahaja. Hope, dengan join contest kak pzaq ada peluanglah kita dapat. hehe 🙂

    p/s: Selalu jadi silent readers sahaja, sekarang berani komen plak. Malu! -_-

  4. Congrats Kak Puteri! And the name totally suits your blog! ^___^
    My favourite cosmetic for 2014 is definitely hands down Clio Kill Black Eyeliner because it is totally easy to use and the main point is that is sooooo waterproof and smudge proof! I can even wear it underwater and my eyeliner is still in perfect condition! Easy to create that eyeliner flick too! Thanks for the giveaway. The eyeshadow palette looks so gorgeous! Have been experimenting with eye makeup 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I have tried Clio Kill Brown before but it melted right off my oily eyelids. One thing that I’m pretty sure is The Balm eyeshadows–>great pigmentation and staying power. Thanks for joining the giveaway. Good luck!

  5. Hi Kak Puteri !!
    Excited for your new kinda look.. good luck kak Puteri.. HUGS sikit!
    Secara tidak langsung I don’t want to miss this chance to join giveaway..
    My favorite product is NARS eyeshadow in Alhambra and NAKED 3 palette as well. Awhh!
    next wish list would be The Balm Shady Lady palette.. ehemm ehemmm..

  6. Hai zatil! Selalu baca blog tapi harini nak menaruh nasib dalam giveaway ini hihihi btw nice name! Kita sukaaa cosmephiliaaaa! Btw kita sukaaaaaa tengok orang main dengan mekapppp! Suka suka so untuk tahun ni produk paling kita suka 2 in 1 mineral powder from ronasutra sbb dia buat kulit kita nampak glowing and senang nak tepek2 lepas tu blend guna brush eh eh tak reti nak explain hahahaha btw kita tak ada eyeshadowwww harap2 nasib menyebalhiku :p

  7. Hi Puteri! yeay giveaway *clap clap*
    i think my current fave is Laura Mercier Cavier Eyeshadow stick (in Amethyst). I love how easy and convenient it is and the colour is amazing!

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