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A few weeks ago, I received a Mystery Mascara for review. The result was amazing. The mascara wand lifts and curls my tiny lashes while lengthening and volumising them.

On last Valentine’s Day, it was revealed that the #MysteryMascara is Benefit Cosmetics new mascara Roller Lash. I attended the launch party at Benefit Cosmetics store at Starhill. As usual, Benefit Cosmetic organised an exciting girly-fun party.

Now that the #MysteryMascara has been revealed, I want to say how much love the actual packaging of the mascara. It is brilliantly designed to resemble a hair roller. The wand holder (top) is corally pink with diamond-checked design with sleek black handle. Really girly, cute design. <3 <3 <3

Benefit Cosmetic Roller lash_4466

The bristles of the wand is exactly the same as the mystery mascara.

Read on my first impression and review on the mystery mascara (now known as Roller Lash) HERE.

I learned the tips and tricks on applying the Roller Lash. It is amazing how your lashes are instantly curled and lifted by just rolling the wand of the mascara forwards and upwards.

TIPS & TRICKS: How to apply?

1) NO NEED TO CURL LASHES before application. Good bye eyelash curler!

2) Hold the wand and roll the bristles up from root to the tip of the lashes and you can see how the mascara curls and lifts the lashes.

3) Wiggle the wand to separate the lashes.

4) Repeat step 2 and 3 for thicker lashes. *just wiggle the bristles down for the lower lashes, it will look just as curled, big and beautiful.



Benefit Cosmetic Roller lash_4451


More pictures from the party:

Cute table set up
Cute table set up

Benefit Cosmetic Roller lash_4449

cute puppy doll
cute puppy doll
Roller Lash bristles inspired by the actual hair curler bristles
Roller Lash bristles inspired by the actual hair curler bristles


Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash will be officially launched in Malaysia and available in all Benefit Cosmetics stores and booth from 5th March 2015 onwards.

Are you excited? Grab it once it is available and get rollin’

Benefit Cosmetic Roller lash_4467

Benefit Cosmetic Roller lash_4460


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