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Life is full of ups and downs and when I am down, a little retail therapy would perk me right up. So, I noticed that the Zoeva brushes were back in stock at Luxola, so I did a little online shopping. Luxola.com is one of my trusted beauty and cosmetics online shop that I really trust. Although this time around it took longer for the package to arrive.

Nonetheless, I am so excited to share with you guys my haul from Luxola! Like I mentioned earlier, I initially wanted to buy the Zoeva brushes but emotional turmoil made me spending a little bit more (Bad Zatil!)

Back to my haul…

It is really sad that Luxola does not allow using coupon codes on Zoeva stuff anymore :-(. But I still think that the prices of Zoeva brushes are still affordable and match the great quality of these brushes.

The ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Makeup Brush Set has been in my wish list for the longest time. Most review gave big ol’ thumbs up and that intrigued me further more. The ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set was always sold out at Luxola, so the moment that they restocked it, I finally hit the ‘Add to cart’ button.



ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Makeup Brush Set


As usual my order was packaged well and bubble wrapped. My first impression on ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set was the faux leather bag really surprised me. The material is of good quality and it is not flimsy at all. The rose gold metal on the ‘Zoeva’ emblem and zipper is really stunning. There is even an inside pocket in the bag. The size of the ‘clutch’ faux leather bag is 24cm x 18cm.

faux leather clutch bag
faux leather clutch bag

The brushes are wrapped with plastic sheet individually and most of them have bristles protector sleeve. Really nice! I’m loving how much care Zoeva put on the packaging, I must say I am feeling the whole luxurious vibe that Zoeva wanted to portray in the brush set.

Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4414
some has protective case which is pretty cool


The ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set consists of 8 beautifully designed brushes. The handle is made of Deep Dark Brown wood. The ferrule (the part that connects the bristle to the handle) is a beautiful rose gold metal that is smooth and I love the double crimps too.

The brush is not super big. I think they are just nice for me and my face ‘size’. Some of the bristles are white (luxury range) and some are duo-tonal. All bristles are silky soft. The kit comes with both, high quality natural hair and synthetic taklon bristles, so it can be used with cream and powder based products.

I think I did not own about 6 types of brushes of all the 8 brushes in this set. I already have similar powder brush and angle wing liner brush. Thus, this is definitely a great buy for me!


ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set

Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4416

Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4431

My review on each brush

Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4417

102 Powder Brush

This is a super soft makeup tool for flawless powder application. The hand crafted Taklon bristles picks up and apply loose and pressed powder with ease and it felt  like velvet on the skin. This Powder Brush is my ultimate choice for daily makeup tender loving care.


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4418

Densely pack rounded shape
Densely pack rounded shape

106 Silk Finish Brush

I love using Silk Finish Brush to buff in mineral makeup. This brush is dense and soft ensuring my base makeup has a silky, natural finish.


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4426

dense and super soft!
dense and super soft!

110 Face Shape Brush

I love how it has compact and small yet densely packed bristles for precise and detailed contouring. The rounded shape helps blending products more easily. Perfect for creating airbrushed contours along the cheekbones, jaw line and temples. I press the bristles slightly for easy contouring over my nose bridge, and the bristles bounces back easily to its former shape.


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4421 Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4423

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush

This angle luxe sheer cheek blush brush is ultra-soft. However it does pick up a decent amount of powder blusher and it is easy to blends following the natural contours of my cheeks.


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4432 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush

I really love the rounded, small size bristles that fit perfectly under the eyes, around the nose bridges. It makes applying concealer super easy, thus creates a flawless and natural makeup finish.


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4434

fluffy oval shape for precise blending
fluffy oval shape for precise blending

227 Soft Definer Brush

A dupe of the famous MAC 217 blending brush which is loved by many beauty gurus. This is the perfect tool in creating smooth transitions between eye shadows and creating soft, stunning eyeshadows especially over the creases. I like that it is flat yet oval shaped, hence not too fluffy that sweep away all the hard work on the lids.


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4439 Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4441

231 Petit Crease Brush

This is a cute, small tapered eye shadow brush that I love using to accentuates the crease and the other corner of the eyes. It is easy to create the outer V shape with this brush and  the pointed tip of the brush allows a detailed work just like a pro. I like that the petite size is perfect for small Asian eyes like mine.


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4444

317 Wing Liner Brush

I have two other wing liner brush but this one is more angular. The bristles is rather stiff so I love using this as a brow colour filler brush. It creates a soft yet sharp line that mimics natural brow hair easily. Love it!


I purchased the  ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set from Luxola.com

Get your set HERE.  (subjected to availability)


Zoeva rose golden luxury brush set_4404

The other stuff that I got from Luxola were:

1) The Konjac Sponge Company Konjac Sponge Puff with Bamboo Charcoal

2) Mario Badescu Say Hello to Clear  – contains Drying Lotion 1oz, Drying Cream 0.5oz and Silver Powder 0.5oz

I also received a sample of Alpha-H Liquid Gold Perfecting Maskand Argentum Apothecary Argentum la potion infinie with my purchase.

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