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One of the way that I found to enjoy life is to travel and explore your surrounding especially foreign countries where you can learn so much about other culture and lifestyle. 

 During the first-ever Taiwan Travel Fair by Taiwan Bureau Kuala Lumpur (TTBKL) held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, I learnt that Taiwan is one the best country to explore and rejuvenate your life. 

I personally have never been to Taiwan but looking at the pictures during the travel fair, I was more convinced that Taiwan is my next destination. 

During the Time for Life campaign by TTBKL, I am more interesting that this beautiful country can offer so much for  “LOHAS” trip. (LOHAS means “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”). 



Taiwan offers an endless number of ways, with an Oriental flair and a uniquely Taiwanese character, to stay healthy. I felt that I wanted to go to Taiwan and feel “LOHAS” in the Taiwanese way: in the island’s cuisines, sports, leisure activities, and traditional health care therapies.

In Taiwan, you can give your taste buds a treat and stay healthy at the same time by enjoying your fill of medicinal foods and healthful organic cuisine. I love food and being able to taste the healthy Taiwanese food would be a dream come true. 

Time to Eat_Fruitilicious Taiwan

If inner peace and tranquility the Oriental way is the aim of the trip, There are many traditional treatment to try: Yoga, Zen meditation, martial arts, or Tai Chi. Learning new thing + relaxing is way up on my alley!



Hot Spring
Hot Spring











If I ever in Taiwan, I will definitely spend time to visit to one of Taiwan’s popular spas, a soak in a hot spring bath, while soothing cup of traditional tea at the High Mountain Tea Garden of Lugu. Each of Taiwan’s spas is unique, since it incorporates the resources of its particular local area. Vacation resorts are usually located in scenic spots; at Sun Moon Lake’s Lalu hotel, for example, you can enjoy a spa in the midst of splendid mountain and lake scenery. Aaaahhh… (So blissful just thinking about it) 


Sun Moon Lake Cycling Route



As LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) trend is gaining popularity as people begin to be more health and eco-conscious. I want to experience the LOHAS holiday in Taiwan, and there is no better way to experience it than to travel along the breath-taking coastal highways by bicycle! Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and appreciate the simple yet wonderful things in life with your loved ones.


Time to Go on 2 Wheels2 Time to Go on 2 Wheels1


One of the best sightseeing attraction that i would really want to experience is the Taiwan’s railways. From my reading, the scenery along the railroad glides by in a never-ending sequence of change, and each line has its own unique characteristics. The long, narrow, mountainous nature of the island’s terrain lines the length of the railways with exquisite scenes of mountains and rivers, and the rail passenger gains access to scenes that are out of reach of the highway.




Taiwan’s railroads are far more than just a tool of transportation; they embody a deep affinity with the development of local culture and society, and have left behind large numbers of historical relics, including old stations and track sections that hark back to the past and reveal unique facets of local history. So, imagine having to ride the Taiwan’s train. 🙂 Definitely I can take lots of instagram-worthy pictures.


It would be a exhilarating experience, to spend the holiday in the most relaxed and natural way possible, the island’s health culture and leisure travel at the same time.


Do drop by 1 Utama Shopping Centre where the first-ever Taiwan Travel Fair by Taiwan Bureau Kuala Lumpur (TTBKL) is held from 25 to 29 March 2015. For a avid traveller like me, this is great news as at this one-stop event, the public can get the best deals for Taiwan travel. Whether you are considering a first or subsequent visits to Taiwan, there’s never a better time to tour the island than in 2015!

Taiwan Travel Fair by Taiwan Bureau Kuala Lumpur (TTBKL), at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, from 25 to 29 March 2015.

More information click HERE!

It’s time to enjoy life!

It’s time to visit Taiwan!


 Taipei City2


This is my entry for The Butterfly Project Malaysia x Time for Taiwan TTBKL blogging contest where the grand prize is a 5D4N Taiwan Trip worth RM8,000 (inclusive of flights, accommodation, tours). Wish me luck guys ;p

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