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I am here to share a new palette that I am so happy to have in my collection: I Heart Makeup – Go! Palette Go! by Makeup Revolution.

For those who is unfamiliar, MAKEUP REVOLUTION is a brand from London that reached our shore around the end of last year (2014). It has a full range of makeup products that are so affordable and accessible for all. Basically Makeup Revolution has something for everyone at a fraction of the price.

Go! Palette Go!

Makeup Revolution has a sub-brand called I Heart Makeup and the Go! Palette Go! is part of the range. This palette is a cute round-shaped palette that is pretty full-packed. It consists of 6 eyeshadows, 1 blusher, 1 contour and 1 highlighter.

Go palette

Go palette 4

The Go! Palette Go! is a great kit especially for travelling as you can bring it everywhere you go. The range of eyeshadow shades is pretty wide. There is a matte highlight shade, beautiful shimmery neutral to two darker shades. It is easy to play around with these eyeshadows from a soft neutral day time look to a smoky sexy night time makeup look.

Go palette 9


Here are the description of each eyeshadows in the palette (according to me):

1 Matte beige

2 Satin Pink Champagne

3 Shimmery Rose Gold

4 Shimmery Sheen Gold

5 Satin Taupe

6 Dark Purple Burgundy with Pink and Purple Shimmer

These eyeshadows are smooth and easily blendable, The pigmentation is good with no fall out or becoming chalky. They blend with each other well. The colour range is more pinky-neutral, great for daily look.

When I first swatched these I felt that the eyeshadows were too familiar. True enough, they are dupes of Naked 3 eyeshadows. Don’t believe me?! See below!

Go palette 1Go palette 5

 Look at ’em swatches!

Go palette 8


You can see that all six are so similar to the Naked 3 palette eyeshadows. You have a neutral, pinkish/rose goldish tone. Although I already have the Naked 3 palette, I feel that the eyeshadows in Go! Palette Go! are very versatile and can be worn in many occasions. Pigmentation is great although UD’s eyeshadows are more superior in term of pigmentation and texture. I had to swipe 2-3 times to get the intensity are same as UD’s. However, Go! Palette Go! wins hands down with the cheaper price range. Plus this palette includes three face powders: Highlight, Blush and Contour. Definitely more versatile than any other Naked palettes.


go palette 2

Highlight : Satin Pinkish White

Blusher: Matte Neutral Pink (not too blue based, not neon bright neither)

Bronzer: Matte Peachy Brown

Go palette 3


As for the contour shades, I really like that all three give a natural finish. Both Blusher and Bronzer are matted while the highlight is a sweet iridescent glow. They blend with each other flawlessly. I think I will definitely use the highlighter as a highlight shade for eye makeup too as it is so finely milled, the shimmer glides on the skin beautifully.  The contour shade is a perfect tone (so pretty) on fairer skin tone. But it  is a good shade that sculpted my medium-tan skin tone subtlely giving it a natural finish.


Where to Buy?

The I Heart Makeup – Go! Palette Go! is available from Makeup Revolution Malaysia website. It retails for  an affordable RM55 only. Click Below to purchase it from the site.

 I Heart Makeup Go! Palette Go! 


Do check out Makeup Revolution for more exciting products. If you love makeup palettes, they have tons of them. Really cheap too.


Makeup Revolution Facebook Page

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