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I have recently done a video collaboration with Fayre Network. It is a new platform for Malaysian Beauty/Fashion Youtuber. For our first collaboration, we are doing makeup tutorial using ONLY drugstore products for different looks. I, myself is doing makeup tutorial for glasses wearer “The Tech Nerd”. I have included other tutorials from my friend from Fayre Network below. So any girls out there can rock any makeup look using affordable drugstore products. Do check them out below.

What is Fayre Network?

This is beauty network group for active and beginner Malaysian Beauty Youtubers, a place where we can connect, share tips/advice and of course videos! This is also a place where we can grow and learn from one another. To create a supportive network of people who share the same passion.

Do join us at Fayre Network on instagram and facebook page to stay up to date with our activities!

Fayre Network:
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On to my look….

The Tech Nerd

Here is my tutorial on makeup for glasses wearer.


More tips for makeup for glasses wearer

Use light coverage foundation and tap powder especially under the eyes and nose bridge to avoid transfer of foundation to the frame of your glasses.

Fill in brows and draw the arch slightly higher to complement the frame of the glasses.

Do line the upper lashes with a deep thick liner so it won’t disappear behind the glasses.

Line the waterline with a white/cream eye liner to create bigger looking eyes.

ALWAYS use waterproof volumising or curling mascara. NO to lenghtening mascara to avoid smudging to your glasses.

Apply blusher on the apple of the cheeks slightly at lower angle so it won’t clash with the frame.

Glasses wearer definitely can rock a soft lips (just like in the video) or bold colour lips e.g: Fuchsia or Red for a more sexy look. Yes, show off your inner Sexy Secretary look! :p


Completed Makeup look!

This makeup look emphasise larger looking eyes and strong brows. This is because your eyes tend to look smaller behind the frame of your glasses. However, I do feel this makeup look is also great for non-glasses wearer too for a youthful day time look.

The makeup look is great for glasses wearer….

Makeup for glasses4674 or not! Youthful day time makeup look

Makeup for glasses4679


Products used in the tutorials

1) Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser face primer

Makeup for glasses4691

**bought this in Watsons, Bangkok


2) L’Oreal le teint True Match liquid foundation in G3 Golden Biege

Makeup for glasses4687

Available at Watsons/Guardians/Caring pharmacies


3) Collection Cosmetic Lasting perfection Concealer in no.3

Makeup for glasses4690

Available at Watsons pharmacy


4) Revlon Color Stay Concealer in 3 Medium

Makeup for glasses4688

Available at Watsons/Guardians/Caring pharmacies


5) Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder in 030 Medium

Makeup for glasses4693

**Bought this during Revlon’s warehouse sale. They have it about 3-4 times per year.

Blogged about it previously HERE.


6) In2it Brow powder palette

Makeup for glasses4698

Available at Watsons pharmacy


7) I Heart Makeup Go! Palette Go! by Makeup Revolution

Makeup for glasses4694 Makeup for glasses4695

Full Review HERE!

Buy Online from Makeup Revolution


8) Maybelline Lasting Drama Pen Gel Liner

Makeup for glasses4700

**bought this at Watsons pharmacy, Bangkok


9) Catrice cosmetics Made To Stay Highlighter pen in 02 Eye Like!

Makeup for glasses4703

Available at Guardians pharmacy


10) L’Oreal Faux Cils Papillon (Butterfly) Mascara

Makeup for glasses4702

Available at Watsons/Guardians/Caring pharmacies


11) Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty

Makeup for glasses4708 Makeup for glasses4709

Available at Watsons pharmacy


12) Chu Lip lip balm in Arabian Flower Shower

Makeup for glasses4710

Available at Watsons/Guardians pharmacies

More Tutorials here!

Here are the links to other tutorials from my friends in Fayre Network:

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Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup13812_Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup2061Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup033299051_6595852011932057907_n

The Innocent by Alyia Bubbles

Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup334250_Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup206155777836246_215630775111150237_n

The Nightbird by Maya Hanum

1Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup7945_10154219158173521_2281311501988205525_n

The Alluring Spring by Tamanna Islam

1Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup77918_Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup153152752596462_44046Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup263027129345_n

The Sweetheart by Mira Cikcit

Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup07061_1551402985124885_2347871790396338365_n

The Glitter Glam by IzzatiXO

Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup79196_10202800985505488_2614729824862650049_n

The Hollywood Siren by Wiida Ribbon

Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup994934_8389407928439Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup_640448361590Fayre network collaboration drugstore makeup2991_n-2


Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to check my video above. ;p

Let me know what you think! :)