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I was at  the launch of Mono Coffee in Publika and I would like to share this exciting new coffee  place.   Mono Coffee is a third wave coffee shop that specifically designed to serve artisan coffee and creative cooking.

The Mono Coffee is part of Brandker Group that also owns Cosan  Coffee. I went to the Grand Opening of the first outlet in Publika Shopping Centre. Mono Coffee not just offering hand-brewed authentic coffee but also western food from their creative kitchen.

Monian Coffee

Let’s first talk about their coffee. Mono Coffee has their own house-blend Monian coffee which mainly from Brazil Yellow  Bourbon, Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra Lintong. I’ve tried their Hazelnut Latte and it was delicious. The coffee was smooth and  aromatic. There’s a sweet ‘cherry’ scent too. For those who dislike super strong  coffee, this is for you.

Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5344 Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5356


Oh yes, they do serve enticing desserts and cakes. However,  Mono Coffee also wanted to serve a good delicious food that complement their coffee too. As for  food, Mono Coffee mainly serve Western food that were created to complement their coffee.

Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5370

Here I am reviewing three of their signature  dishes.

Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5335

Beef and Hashed Benedicts

This is great for full-filling breakfast or  brunch. I’m glad that the the beef bacon are not too crisped as it may be too tough. This was cooked just right – just crisp yet tender. The accompanied hollandaise sauce is creamy yet a little tangy. This does not blew my mind a way



Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5337

Stack It

This sweet canapé consists of stacks of mini pancakes smeared with delicious peanut butter topped with crispy beef bacon. It is sweet, nutty yet slightly  salty. The whole combination is pretty  interesting. Great for quick perk me up afternoon tea or to be shared.

One thing I wish they could improve is a more soft and fluffy  pancakes. The one that I had was too dry. Interesting flavors combo tough.



Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5340
Pods and Chicken Salad

This is my favourite among the  bunch. I have always been a Salad  lover, this Pods and Chicken Salad is a beautiful creation from the chefs in Mono Coffee  kitchen. Various poached beans which includes Edamame beans mixed with succulent tender chicken pieces was generously dressed before served in fresh lettuce  bowl. I love how this salad is  light, fresh and served slightly cold to maintain its freshness. The dressing is well balanced and the amount was just  right. I hate over-drenched salad.

The prices of the menu are in the middle range. Mono Coffee offers a good alternative from your ‘usual’ coffee place and offers delicious food while you hang out.




Publika Shopping Gallery

Jalan Dutamas 1

Solaris Dutamas

Kuala Lumpur

Contact number: 03 5613 1399

Email: info@monocoffee.com

Visit www.monocoffee.com for more information.

  Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5359

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Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5330 Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5332


More pictures during the grand launch of the Mono Coffee.

Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5372 Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5375 Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5376 Mono Coffee opening launch Publika_5377

For those inspiring entrepreneurs interested in chained  business venture:

Brandker Group Sdn Bhd

Contact number: 03 5613 1399

Email: info@bigideas.net.my

Website: www.brandker.com


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