While the rest of the world is embracing summer, it is always summer time here in Malaysia. Everybody is travelling around enjoying the holiday. It would hurt to look your best while travelling especially when there’s the time for that special #selfie.

Here is 5 Makeup Must-Have that you need to bring on your trip.

1) A good coverage concealer

The great concealer can cover any blemishes, dark circles and redness giving a flawless bright looking skin that all ready for that great holiday picture. Start with covering the under-eyes area first. The trick is to use a pea-size at a time and work your way from the centre or your face outwards. Cover any spots or dullness by patting gently with a clean ring finger or synthetic brush.

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2) Powder Foundation

To set your hard work with the concealer use a powder foundation with a buffing brush. Your can gives your skin a full coverage with matte finish using it dry or dampen a sponge and dab on your skin for a sheer coverage with satin finish. With all the walking around, it is easy to get sweaty during sightseeing. A good powder foundation can double out as a matifying powder on-the-go. That way you can kiss shiny forehead goodbye and enjoy the sun a little bit more.

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3) Brow Pencil

Having sleek, well-groomed brows frames your face nicely, making the whole look complete. Use the brow pencil and draw short strokes in between the brow hairs to fill in any gap making them look fuller and youthful. Always use the spoolie to brush and groom the hair upwards and outwards, blending it the colour creating a natural looking brows. Tips on choosing your brow pencil colour- for dark hair use 2 shade lighter and for light hair use 2 shades darker for a natural looking brows.

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4) Waterproof Black Mascara

Eyes is the window to one’s soul and having full, luscious lashes opens up your eyes making them look bigger and brighter. Sweep several coats in a zig-zag motions for a thicker, more defines, fanned out lashes. Who knows those flirtatious eyelashes might catch the eyes of that special someone. Double up the use of your black mascara as a eyeliner too by using short slanted eyeliner brush.

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5) Moisturising Lip Tint

Your lips need hydration and that flush of colour. The best lip products you have to choose is a moisturising lip balm/tint hybrid. Pick a pink or coral tint for a beautiful sheen on the lips. Draw three line on the cheek and dab softly with the pulp of your fingers to give colour on your cheek too. Now that your whole makeup is done and your look absolutely fresh and awake to explore and have fun on your trip.

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Are you a frequent traveler? Do share with us your must-have makeup product that you always bring along in the comments section below.

*** This article was written by yours truly as featured in Zalora Community Magazine.


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