Dear Cosmephilia readers,

First of all, I must apologise for being M.I.A for nearly two months. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made but I’m so happy to be back in blogging world.

I usually do not blog about my personal life but I felt that today’s entry is important especially for my friends and readers that have been following Cosmephilia. Cosmephilia is not shutting down but let’s think about it as having a brief nesting mode.

For those who may or may not know. I’m a real-life doctor who’s working in the National Cancer Institute in Malaysia and my full-time job is (obviously) pretty hectic especially taking care of those poor cancer patients. Cosmephilia is part of my outlet to share another passion of mine which is beauty and cosmetics.

I am also married (to the love of my life Zurairi) since 2012 whom I’ve known for nearly 10 years since college. As years passing by, my husband and I thought that we are both ready to start a family and have little kids to call our own. Some of you may heard that I suffered from a miscarriage early this year in February 2015. As a doctor I know miscarriage is pretty common but it still sucks.

My husband and me: our first picture together since we found out in June 2015
My husband and me: our first picture together since we found out in June 2015

I’m happy to announce that my husband and I are expecting again (2nd try!) and we found out about it just after my birthday in June. Fasting month is definitely challenging. and I was pre-occupied with Raya Aidilfitri was in July. The reason for my M.I.A is that I forced myself to be in nesting mode: limiting myself from further stress, or doing extra activities.

Too excited! must take the 'pee stick' picture
Too excited! must take the ‘pee stick’ picture


The truth is this time during my first trimester for the second pregnancy is pretty challenging, I had severe acne, too lethargic to do anything even my work. I ended up sleeping early at 8.30 – 9 pm every night but was still super tired the next day. Hence, I have decided to take a break from blogging and focus on taking care of my health (be it physically or emotionally).

My little baby Z first ultrasound - 8 weeks old
My little baby Z first ultrasound – 8 weeks old

I can ensure you guys that I missed (terribly) spending time reviewing products and new beauty trend and blogging about it.

Now that I’m in my second trimester, things are definitely perkier. I’m so excited to be back and hope that I will still get lots of support from you my readers. Do share down in the comment below if you guys are interested to know my pregnancy experience or if you want to elaborate further on the miscarriage (or any advise from a doctor about dealing with miscarriage- I AM a real-life professional anyway). 

Another update that I wanted to announce is that i’m now writing for Zalora Community Magazine and will be sharing tips and tricks over there too.


Do visit Zalora Malaysia Community Page and look for me and other talented contributors.

Thank you so much your support. Stay tuned for more reviews and beauty stories from Cosmephilia. I have a few reviews and tips up my sleeves already. *hugs*

8 comments on “Where have you been? The big secret revealed”

  1. hi, just came across your blog and would like to ask. i am currently 9 weeks pregnant and think i have been taking my prenatal pills are wrong. At week 4, gynea 1 prescibe obimin which i took for 4 weeks. i went to another gynea on week 8, she suggested to just take folic acid. i bought it myself at 5mg and had it for a week. now at week 9, i was told 5mg is too high and hence i switch back to obimin. i am very very confused now which i should continue. i hope with your experience in this and also a doctor, you can shed me some light:) thanks.

  2. Alhamdulillah, that’s great news! All the best with the pregnancy and would love to hear you share your pregnancy journey (altho time i pregnant sgt malas nak update blog!)

  3. Alhamdulillah, good to hear such joyous news from you kakak ^_^ I would love to read if you’re gonna write about the miscarriage and how to deal with it as an expecting mother and as a professional. It will be very useful to all women out there. And also please, if you’re comfortable doing so, please share about your current pregnancy as well tau 🙂 I doakan yg baik2 for you and the baby!! Can’t wait to see another little caliph of ummah ^_^

  4. Good to have you back! Congratulations! Well just a little story, I have a cousin who tried everything (including AI and IVF) and didn’t conceive. God is great. After 13 years of trying, she conceived (naturally I might add!), and is now a month away from her due date!

    All the best to you and looking forward to all that you have coming!


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