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Happy Pink October! This is the month that is close to my heart. Why? It is because it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Think October -> Think Pink -> Think Boobies!

As one of the doctors that work closely with cancer patient, I help treat breast cancer patients every single day. One of their regrets is not putting themselves first. Health is gold and one of the best things you can do for yourself is to check the girls every month.

Early detection means early (simple and less invasive) treatment. Let us open your eyes (as BIG as possible) and start putting our health first.

Talking of BIG EYES, thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I had the opportunity to try out Eyelash Extension for the first time at Pink Passion Signature Saloon.

This is a special experience that it is part of The Butterfly Project’s Think Boobies People project together with Pink Passion Saloon in support of the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. 10% of the proceeds will go to Pink Ribbon and this in turn would help many Breast Cancer Survivors in restarting their life.

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Pink Passion Signature Saloon

Pink Passion Signature Saloon is situated at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre. It is easy to spot from far away as the saloon is painted bright pink. (Think Pink!) The best way I think is to turn left after LDP at the Kelana Jaya LRT station (if you are coming from Sunway) then at the roundabout to take 1st exit towards Aman Suria and Pink Passion would be near the shop lots. (Google maps/Waze friendly)

The ambiance in the shop is soothing and comfortable. Walking into the shop, expect a warm welcome with soothing music played at the background.

Eyelash Extension first experience Pink Passion Saloon_6436 Eyelash Extension first experience Pink Passion Saloon_6428 Eyelash Extension first experience Pink Passion Saloon_6427

Pink Passion uses only high quality silk lashes from Korean in various style and sizes. Besides Eyelash Extension, Pink Passion Signature Saloon also offers other spa treatment such as Facial and Body Massage.

Do check their website for more information.

My First Experience with application of Eyelash Extension

Before we start, the eyelash beautician, Hui Shan explained the procedure in details. Because it is my first time, I was glad to know what to expect beforehand. Hui Shan then lead me to one of the rooms as I laid down on bed.

Then you can choose the length and style of lashes you want. For first-timers, Hui Shan suggested the Natural Rich and Light lashes.She taped my lower lashes to my lower lid carefully and begin applying individual lashes with glue onto my actual lashes. The procedure for both eyelids took 30-40minutes (including drying time). Hui Shan used a bright lamp very close to my face to help her see clearly, I just laid down, closed my eyes and enjoyed a short nap time.

Eyelash Extension first experience Pink Passion Saloon_6424

Although I could’t see what Hui Shan was doing, occasionally I could hear her cutting the individual lashes according my own natural lashes to better fit the curvature of my lash line.

There was no pain at all, just the uncomfortable feeling when Hui Shan removed the sticky tape from my lower lash at the end of the procedure.

Then, voila! Beautiful perky yet natural lashes. It felt light and comfortable to wear. If you are used to false lashes, the feeling is the same initially and after few minutes, I did not feel any weird feeling.

BEFORE & AFTER pictures


Pointers for first timers:

  1. I would recommend to come without any eye makeup. The eyelash technician told me that having eyeshadow or non-waterprooof eyeliner on would be okay for the procedure. Despite that I would think having a clean canvas would make it easier for the eyelash technician.
  2. Having contact lenses on is no problem at all.
  3. If you’re not used to falsies, expect a feeling of ‘hair/eyelash’ in your vision (forward) which will be gone in 1-2 hours.
  4. Natural and light lashes is your first choice if this is your first eyelash extension. Although this is my first time for eyelash extension, as I am used to wearing falsies, I would prefer a slightly bigger and longer lashes. (my aim for next application, hehe)
  5. No oil based makeup remover, use only water based makeup remover. Use cotton tips to clean up your eyeliner would be the best way.

Overall, I’m happy and satisfied with my first eyelash experience. Hui Shan said usually after 1 month or so, I had to come back for touch up on the lashes. I think I will do another blog post on my experience after wearing these eyelash extension for about a month. (Do stay tuned okay).

Eyelash Extension first experience Pink Passion Saloon_6440

Good news to my readers, you can just go to Pink Passion and flash the voucher above to get your own Buy 1 Free 1  for only RM88 for your first Rich Natural Lash Extensions (normal price being RM258). The Free service is for another Touch up session at Pink Passion. So make your appointment with them soon, expiring in December 2015.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/pinkpassionsignaturesalon

Pink Passion 001669287-T Sunway Mas Branch
37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03-7805 7285
Fax : 03-7805 7286

Let me know what you think! :)