I recently did a Sephora haul. As most of beauty girls would know Sephora is having lots of limited edition/Christmas theme products. I was so happy with my purchase and I can even use my 10% discount voucher too which make it even sweeeet. I will share my haul with you guys soon.

In the excitement after I reached home, I decided to play around with my new makeup babies. While I was admiring each goodies, I accidentally dropped the new Tarte 12H Amazonian Clay Blusher onto the floor and it shatters pretty badly.

My heart was broken (just like the little blusher) but I am glad to be able to fix the blusher up.

Here are my step by step tutorial on how to fix broken (powder) makeup.

Things you need

  • Broken makeup – broken compact powder/blusher/bronzer/eyeshadow etc
  • Methylated spirit/Rubbing Alcohol
  • A little spoon
  • Piece of tissue

how to fix broken makeup 1

** I purchased my methylated spirit/rubbing alcohol from Guardian Pharmacy at the aisle where you can find all the bandages/cotton/stuff for wound dressing/healing. Methylated spirit is 95% alcohol and it is use to as anti-bacterial agent to clean wound. I purchase mine at RM7.90 ONLY (really cheap for 100ml bottle)


How to fix broken makeup

  1. Lay your makeup compact/product onto tissue paper.
  2. Use spoon to press on chunks of your product to make it into fine powder. It will get a little messy.
  3. Add few drops of methylated spirit and mix with your powder makeup.
  4. Stir gently and make sure to mix powder thoroughly to turn it into a paste. Add more drops of methylated spirit if needed. It is okay to turn the paste into watery mush, it just mean you need more time to dry.
  5. Smooth the paste as much as you can. I feel like spreading icing sugar onto cake at this time.
  6. Clean the edges and rest of the compact.
  7. Set aside and let it dry for a few hours. Mine is a tiny little blusher compact, so I let it dry overnight. The alcohol will evaporated and leave behind this beautiful ‘pressed’ powder makeup
  8. Then your makeup will be as good as new. (well, almost new, I am still sad there is no more Tarte’s signature imprint on the blusher) The makeup feels dry and the texture is just like normal. Hurrah for saving money! (or just fixing your fav makeup)


Video demo

I taken a quick video on how to do it, up in my YouTube channel.


I do hope you guys find this helpful. Do leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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  1. my favourite setting powder also jatuh pecah, sedih. went to guardian at nu sentral but they ran out of rubbing alcohol stock, need to wait since i dont have the transport/time to go cari tempat lain.

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