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I was contemplating whether to write about my pregnancy journey but after the announcement I felt that I owe my readers at least a little peek into my personal life. Furthermore, I’m going for my maternity leave soon so it would make sense to do a little recap and reminisce my pregnancy journey.

After a few years together, my hubs and I decided to start a little family of our own. We decided to wait a few years after marriage before having children as we wanted to enjoy each other company as hubs and wife (Yeay for long honeymoon) and get financially established. I was taking maintenance Retin A, an acne medication, for a year too so pregnancy is a no-no while you’re on Retin A. And also, I was working in another state (Perak vs KL) in district hospital and having a child at the time was the least thing on my mind.

I believe having children is no easy task and one should be ready in all aspects in life: physically, emotionally etc. Everyone is different in their goals of life so I respect others’ decision and opinion.

So, by the end of 2014 my hubs and I decided to start trying. I have regular menstrual cycles (lucky) and we sorta know when I may be ovulating. I was already taking my daily folic acid too. I was happy to find out that I was pregnant the next month (Jan 2015) but unfortunately that little happiness was short-lived. I will write more on my miscarriage story in another post.

How we found out?

After I had my D&C procedure in Feb 2015. We planned to get into the ‘baby conceiving mission’ again. 3 months forward, I realised that my period is late that month but I decided to wait for a whole week (make more sense actually) before taking the test.

I woke up super early and tested the first urine of the day. (Tips: use your first urine of the day for home urine pregnancy test (UPT) as it has the most concentrated bHCG level). I use the normal cheap Guardian’s brand UPT which worked fine. There’s no difference in accuracy between cheap RM10 UPT and expensive digital RM40 UPT. When I saw the two lines, I tested another one (just to be sure) and woke my hubs.

Too excited! must take the 'pee stick' picture

With his sleepy head he replied ‘I told you so!’. We embraced and take a moment to let the news sinked in.

I’m was so happy and scared at the time when the two lines appeared. I was happy that we can finally start our own little family but at the same time I was afraid that we might have another miscarriage again.

My husband and me: our first picture together since we found out in June 2015
My husband and me: our first picture together since we found out in June 2015

At that time I was 5 weeks pregnant (still early), having no pregnancy symptoms at all. It was my 31st birthday week too, we’re going to celebrate with my family later that weekend but both my hubs and I decided to wait until 12-13 weeks before announcing this great news to our family and friends. I just don’t want them to be worried about me having another miscarriage and I just want to be chill and cool this time around.

So, that’s the story on how we found out about my pregnancy. I’m at my 3rd trimester now but nonetheless do keep on following this blog as I will be sharing my 1st trimester pregnancy journey next.

I have a separate blog post on my pregnancy announcement HERE if you’re interested.

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