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This is the continuation of Cosmephiliac Pregnancy Journey. I’m going to share a little bit of my pregnancy experience for the first trimester, on how I was feeling physically and emotionally.  I would also be sharing a few professional tips (I’m a real-life doctor too) along the way. But everybody is born different and every pregnancy is different (even if it is your first or second or fourth child), I’m just sharing my personal story.

I did a blog post on how my hubs and I found out that we’re pregnant HERE. Do check that one out first before reading the rest of the story down below.

My pregnancy announcement HERE if you’re interested too.

We found out that we’re pregnant in June 2015. That was just a few days before the start of Ramadhan, the fasting month.

2015 fasting month is definitely a little more challenging for me as I was already 6 weeks pregnant and developing all the early pregnancy symptoms. By 6 weeks to 8 weeks (about 2 months of pregnancy), the hormone betaHCG produced by the placenta rose really high and quickly. That was the hormonal culprit for me having nausea and occasional vomiting episodes.

I did not have morning sickness but I did get it at dusk time around 6-7pm. As I was fasting the whole day, so the nausea/vomiting in the evening made my gastritis and dry belching worse. Out of the whole month, I think I had to skip fasting 4-5 days in total as my gastritis became worse the whole night till the next morning. So, I did not have really severe nausea or vomiting that I couldn’t eat at all but it was more the burning sensation and gastritis that effected me. If I’m not fasting, the burning pain is totally resolved. I think I took 1 half day off work because I couldn’t stand the gastritis. Otherwise, it was a really good mild evening sickness for me.

Obimin antenatal supplement

As for medications, I changed from taking Folic Acid tablet 5mg daily to Obimin tablet once a day. I did not take any other supplements beside Obimin. I chose Obimin as my antenatal supplement as it contains adequate amount of Folic acid, Iron, Calcium (great for me as I hate milk) and other vitamins.  I loathe milk so I opted for more milk-based products in my diet like cheese, yogurt and calcium-rich food. You don’t have to take tons of tablet in your early pregnancy anyway. As long as you eat lots of different variety of food groups: carbohydrates, lots of vegetables and protein. Iron rich food is really good from pregnant women too. So no ‘pantang’ for me. One thing for sure, I did refrain from taking any weird, un-researched herbal supplement.

As all pregnant mother will get, the rising level of progesterone really did its job to my body as well. My boobs are bigger and more pigmented. They are more tender to touch too. This is one of the things that I’m more worried about as I do have bigger cups of the twins and having bigger pregnant sized boobs would make finding a good bra harder for me. Oh well, I think I’ll manage in the end.

My first antenatal scan

By 11 to 12 weeks, my nausea and gastritis has improved a lot as I also took MMT (Magnesium Trisicilate/Gaviscon) syrup occasionally. I went to Klinik Kesihatan to do my antenatal booking at 8 weeks and get checked up. The first appointment was smooth sailing. The first scan at 8 weeks showed good fetal heart which made me so happy as the embryo was finally showing signs of life. The scan showed that I was also expecting 1 child not twins/multiple. The scan also confirmed that my due date is middle of February 2016. The baby is gonna be our new year’s gift.

My little baby Z first ultrasound - 8 weeks old
My little baby Z first ultrasound – 8 weeks old

At the time, we did not break the news to both of our families yet. As Raya Aidilfitri arrived in mid July 2015, we travelled to Muar and Tangkak, Johor. The few hours of journey did not affect my well being or the pregnancy which made me so thankful.

11 weeks pregnant Raya Aidilfitri with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law
11 weeks pregnant
Raya Aidilfitri with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law

But man..by the third month of being pregnant, my energy was drained by the end of the day. From 8am to 6pm is all good, but I felt so lethargic by 7pm onwards.  I often hit the sack quite early during the 9-13 weeks around 8.30 – 9pm, but was still super tired the next day. Because of the lethargy I have no mood/time to do any blogging/extra after-work stuff that I love to do. Sometimes I did a little bit of walking to work or afterwork but not during the Fasting month and after Raya, no more walking/jogging for me. I felt too exhausted. So I was M.I.A from social media/blogging for 2 months straight. It was a good decision to as I forced myself by limiting myself from further stress, or doing extra activities.

comephiliac pregnancy journey 5-12 weeks 2

Furthermore, the first trimester is like a ‘PMS’ month for my skin. Acne started popping out especially on my jawline, cheeks and forehead. I have super oily T zone with flaky skin over the chin. I felt ugly and it made sad that I couldn’t take my usual Retin-A acne medication (definitely a no-no in pregnancy) but I started using my Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and moisturiser religiously again. By second trimester my skin and all the acne had calmed down. More stories on that in next post.



The first trimester for me was not too bad. I did have a few runs of ‘evening sickness’ and gastritis but I was more concerned on the severe lethargy (end of first trimester) and severe acne. I am thankful that I didn’t have to take any long MC or being hospitalised at all. I was active at work and had a great Raya celebration. Things were definitely getting better for me which I will share in the next Cosmephiliac Pregnancy Journey blog post.

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