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Welcome back to my Cosmephiliac Pregnancy Journey and I’m going to share my second trimester experience. This is mainly on how I was feeling physically and emotionally as well as sharing a few professional tips (I’m a real-life doctor too) along the way. Every pregnancy is different (even if it is your first or second or fourth child), I’m just sharing my personal story.

This is a continuation from my first trimester pregnancy journey and I also posted a blog post on how my hubs and I found out that we’re pregnant HERE.

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Do check those ones out first before reading the rest of the story down below.

In my first trimester up to 12 weeks or so, I have been having the occasional  ‘evening sickness’ and severe lethargy and not having energy at all. But it was not too bad as I was still able to go to work and function like a normal human being.

Come 13th weeks into the pregnancy, I felt much better. The Fasting month had ended and that really helped with my gastritis. My ‘evening sickness’ was practically gone by 14 weeks and my energy level had improved remarkably. My skin had flourished and cleared up. No more annoying acne spots and I was really happy with my skin for the next 3 months. My tender boobs were less intense and I was able to stay awake till at least 10-11pm at night and get my groove on doing things that I love: blogging.

Second trimester for me is a great month. When I was about 4-5 months pregnant, I was full of energy, did not really look like I’m pregnant and did not really feel like pregnant. The lack of pregnancy symptoms for me worried me a bit as I was wondering ‘Is the baby still alive?’ ‘Am I still pregnant?’ I think the same questions were in my hubs’s mind as well.

5 months pregnant and visit my new born niece at the time
5 months pregnant and visit my new born niece at the time

At this point we had already announced the pregnancy to both of our parents, family members and close friends and we were so grateful of the full support that we received. I myself had informed my bosses at work as well, as I had to get a at least monthly time off work for my antenatal follow up appointments.

So much energy!

Due to my well recovered energy, we actually travelled quite a few times in second trimester. We went to Siem Reap celebrating my sister’s BIG 30th birthday when I was 4-month pregnant. Then I travelled back to my father’s place in Kelantan celebrating Raya Haji. I was able to walk to places with no problem at all. I was still wearing all my normal regular clothes as well which was great as I was saving up for baby’s stuff and new house.

The only symptom that I noticed was my belly was more firm and bludgeoning. Especially into fifth and sixth month of the pregnancy. I still wore my jeans but I loved wearing more loose tops. Some of my normal clothes that I wore made me look like a normal lady and some of my colleagues were surprised to find out that I was already six month pregnant.

I'm near 6 month pregnant at this time
I’m near 6 month pregnant at this time

On to a more medically related note, during the second trimester I had monthly antenatal check up and the one that I went to is Klinik Kesihatan Presint 9.

Because of  my strong family history of high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus, I had to do twice weekly blood pressure (BP) monitoring (there’s this one time my BP was borderline high due to stress at work) which turned out to be normal all the way through the pregnancy. I also had an early Modified Oral Glucose test (MGTT) at 18 weeks to detect any pregnancy-induced Diabetes Mellitus. My first MGTT test was normal –> yahoo!.

My first detailed and 3D ultrasound scans

I had my first detailed scan at 20 weeks which showed that the fetus was grossly normal with good developing brain and heart and had normal looking spine and arms and legs. That made my happy as detailed scan can pick up abnormal gross defect like abnormal heart and spina bifida etc. in some centre, you can do a nuchal translucency scan to detect early sign of Down’s syndrome but I decided not to go for it as it is specific but not really sensitive.

So, for those pregnant make sure to do your first booking before 12 weeks and have your first detailed ultrasound scan by 20 weeks.

We also had a 3D scan done (which I cheekily had it done in my own hospital with my radiology doctor’s help for free), we were able to see our baby’s face for the first time and see her moving her cute little hands. We couldn’t really see the gender as my placenta was always in the way so we would just have to wait for the big day when the baby finally comes.


Initially my weight maintained during the first trimester and I had not gained any weight right until fifth month of pregnancy. I gained about 4 kg in total in my second trimester of pregnancy. Mind you that I was overweight in the first place so this was a good weight for my pregnancy personally. A good rough estimate is about 0.5 kg per week or 2 kg per month for second trimester. (0.5 kg per month for 1st trimester if you are wondering).

The second trimester was also the month when I got my Tetanus shots (twice 1 month apart). I had them in my arm and my arm was sore for 3-4 days. 🙁 Luckily I had them in my non-dominant arm.

Baby kicks

The most interesting about second trimester for me was feeling the baby’s kicks for the first time. I was in about 21-22 weeks of pregnancy when I felt a squirming feeling like a butterflies fluttering in my tummy which was kinda weird. I didn’t have any bowel movement problem so I was pretty positive that it must be because of the baby movement inside me. My excitement was short-lived though because when I told my hubs and asked him to place his hands onto my belly, he said he couldn’t feel a thing. LOL, I must had been over-excited. Right until about 24 weeks, the baby kicks were more frequent and stronger and my hubs actually could feel something fluttering inside my belly when he placed his hand on my belly.


My second trimester pregnancy journey was a breeze and I hardly had any nasty pregnancy symptoms. My skin was at its best and I did have the ‘pregnancy glow’. My belly was growing and my baby was healthy inside her little cocoon. I had no swollen legs, no more nausea or vomiting. My antenatal check ups went smoothly well.

Thanks for reading all the way till the end and stay tuned for my third trimester pregnancy journey where it became more adventurous as I count the days for the baby’s arrival (plus I’m sharing our luxurious babymoon trip as well).

Sneak peek of my babymoon pic
Sneak peek of my babymoon pic

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