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This is my Cosmephiliac Pregnancy Journey and this blog post is all about my third (last!) trimester pregnancy experience. I am going to share how I was feeling physically and emotionally as well as sharing a few professional tips (I’m a real-life doctor too) along the way. Every pregnancy is different (even if it is your first or second or fourth child), I’m just sharing my personal story.

I have posted my 1st and 2nd trimester pregnancy journey in previous posts. Do check those ones out first before reading the rest of the story down below.

My pregnancy announcement

Cosmephilac Pregnancy Journey: How we found out

Cosmephiliac Pregnancy Journey 1st trimester (5-12 weeks)

Cosmephiliac Pregnancy Journey 2nd trimester (13-27 weeks)

Welcome to my third trimester pregnancy journey where it finally hit me that everything was real and now my first baby was on the way. My hubs and me were so grateful and happy, and couldn’t be more excited to venture into a new part of our life journey as new parents.

Baby bumping

By 28 weeks, I started to feel my baby bump growing exponentially. It was pretty small but by 7th month of pregnancy I felt that this bump of mine started to change the way I dress and sleep, especially the latter. We brought a pregnancy pillow – the huge long ‘U’ shaped one. Mine is from brand Dreamgenii. We bought it at a baby expo around RM260 (which was a bargain considering Mothercare is selling it for RM370). Sleeping using the pillow gave me more back and bump support, which was great. As I was still actively working and doing oncalls in the hospital, having a well-rested sleep was pretty important for me. dreamgenii-pregnancy-support-pillow

Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort

My hubs and me decided to go for a luxurious babymoon trip to celebrate our first child and just spending time as couple. We have always love travelling and I felt that having a nice quiet few days in a resort without actually walking too much or doing touristy stuff would be nice as well. It had been nearly two years since we had a beach holiday as well.

Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Hill top villas at Pangkor Laut Resort
Hill top villas at Pangkor Laut Resort

We opted for Pangkor Laut Resort Resident’s package as we didn’t need to think about finding food etc. It is all in the package. Pangkor Laut Resort is definitely the destination for honeymoon goers. It is lush, beautiful, well maintained and luxurious.

We had amazing time. I really loved the hilltop villa as the view from the balcony was fantastic especially in the morning. Food was great. We even had a special babymoon cake made for us and a special seating gazebo for dinner the next day.

Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Our babymoon cake
Our babymoon cake
Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Babymoon at Pangkor Laut Resort
Romantic babymoon dinner at Pangkor Laut Resort
Romantic babymoon dinner at Pangkor Laut Resort


“Melenggang Perut”

I am the eldest in my family and the baby would be my parent’s first grand child. My father wanted to do a small ‘melengang perut’ event before the baby comes. It was a pretty interesting experience for me too. ‘Melenggang perut’ is usually done when the mother-to-be is about 7 months pregnant. I went back to my father’s in Kelantan and had the ‘melengang perut’ event while 7 1/2 months pregnant. We had pulut kuning and gulai kambing and solat hajat at my father’s house.

Then, Kak Jah, a bidan kampung came and did a 1/2 hour of ‘melenggang perut’- basically massaging my belly and back and my legs. She also recited some prayers and gave me a few tips on what to do during labour and delivery. This was not the ol-skool way but it was nice to have your family members celebrate and pray for your safe pregnancy and delivery.

Blurry picture but its the best. My father's family + My mother + My in-laws seating on same table having dinner after Melenggang perut event
Blurry picture but its the best.
My father’s family + My mother + My in-laws seating on same table having dinner after Melenggang perut event


Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

As I stated in previous 2nd trimester pregnancy journey, I have very strong family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. At 29 weeks, I had another modified oral glucose test (MGTT) and my post-sugar blood test rose. I have Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) which put me on a higher risk of a big baby, intrauterine death and some labour complications. But since I was already aware of this, I just had to take care of my diet (Diabetic diet) and it was great. It was not too hard to control but I do have a better understanding of finding Diabetic-suitable diet especially eating out. We Malaysians eat so much sugar and carbs.

My blood sugar monitoring every 2 weeks (the ones you take about 4 times per day before each meals) were always on point, I was able to control my GDM by proper diet. I was very happy that I didn’t have to be start on any GDM medications or *gasp* insulin, but having GDM meant that I had to deliver my baby exactly at 40 weeks and not later as the risk for unwanted complications would be higher.

I gotta Pee!

Pregnancy definitely changed my bladder of steel into bladder of mushiness. I had to wake up about twice or thrice at night to pee once I reached about 8 months pregnant. about 36-37 weeks, I often had ‘pee accidents’ if I cough or sneeze too hard. By 37 weeks, my baby’s head was already engaged into the pelvis pretty deep.


My third trimester antenatal follow up went smoothly. I had regular interval scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks which showed that the baby was growing well with no signs of super chubbiness (big baby). By 36 weeks, it was estimated that my baby weight would be 2.6-2.7kg.

Emotionally I was very happy and occasionally having an outburst of emotion due to stress – Thank you hubsie >_<”’ for being my punching bag but overall I was happy and excited for the baby and exploring new chapter of life with my partner, Zurairi.

I still went to blogging event by 37 weeks and having so much energy which I am so blessed and grateful for. Hubs and me also went for a few baby shopping trips which was quite exciting for us first-time parents.



My third trimester pregnancy journey was even better that I expected. I didn’t have any swelling of the legs, my significant health problems, my baby bump was so cute and I had an uneventful third trimester. I am grateful and so blessed with family and friends’ support. Thank you so much my dearies.

39++ weeks preggy My my... my tummy is so huge
39++ weeks preggy
My my… my tummy is so huge

Next chapter would be my labour and delivery story but that will be after the baby actually comes. I hope you find these short journals helpful and interesting.

I will try to upload as much beauty/health related blog posts as much as I can before confinement month.

Till then, thanks for dropping by.

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