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As my hubs and i are counting down the days towards the arrival of our first little bundle of joy, Valentine’s Day arrived and we headed to IOI City Mall, the hippest shopping mall in Putrajaya area for a little celebration. I personally think this is just an excuse for us to spend some lovey-dovey time as a couple as our life would change with the arrival of baby Z soon. They do say that pregnant mother need to walk a lot — so this is the best place for me to have my ‘walk’ then.


Valentine's Day celebration IOI City Mall Putrajaya #loveblossoms_1708

Due to my craving of sweet dessert nowadays, we had a delicious yet filling afternoon tea at Hui Lau Shan in level 2 of IOI City Mall. Although I already have a sweetheart of my own, I topped my day up with a little bit more sugariness with Mango Honey Jelly Juice and a bowl of Sweet potato + Mung bean Soup. Sharing dessert with your loved one always sounds romantic on Valentine’s Day.

39++ weeks preggy My my... my tummy is so huge
39++ weeks preggy
My my… my tummy is so huge

Then, we went to Mothercare for a little bit of last minute shopping. I really like how every level and wing of the IOI City Mall is dedicated for different type of shops. In this case Mothercare is situated on Level 1 East wing along with other Kids and Maternity shops. So it is easy to walk next door while browsing from one shop to another.

As beauty blogger, there is one place that I just couldn’t resist stopping by before we head home and it is (you’ve guessed it!): Sephora. Sephora was having a promotion of fragrances and what more romantic gifts to give to you significant other than lovely smelling perfumes. Sephora IOI City Mall is situated at level G near the centre court.


Valentine's Day celebration IOI City Mall Putrajaya #loveblossoms_1717

My hubs and me are film fanatics and we love watching movie together, our ‘short trip’ to IOI City Mall turned into a Valentine’s Day movie date. We always like watching movies in Golden Screen Cinema(GSC) at IOI City Mall as they offer 3D, MAXX, D-Box and many more. The GSC in IOI City Mall are one of the newest cinemas in Klang Valley- hence more comfortable seats, clean halls with advanced movie screening experience. Sadly we couldn’t get any ticket to watch the new Deadpool movie. But that’s okay, we bought ticket in advanced and will catch the movie tomorrow instead.


Valentine's Day celebration IOI City Mall Putrajaya #loveblossoms_1725 Valentine's Day celebration IOI City Mall Putrajaya #loveblossoms_1720

As our impromptu movie date was cancelled, we headed to Ground level and spent precious time together admiring the beautiful fountains at the The Symphony, just outside the main entrance of IOI City Mall. Perfect spot for a couple selfie.


Valentine's Day celebration IOI City Mall Putrajaya #loveblossoms_1732

Before we headed home, we stopped by the centre court admiring the beautiful Chinese New Year decoration by IOI City Mall. They always come out with a grand, amazing decorations especially on festive season. The rotating Cherry blossom tree is truly spectacular. Good job IOI City Mall!


Happy Valentine's Day my love
Happy Valentine’s Day my love

How would you celebrate the Valentine’s Day this year? Do share your stories down in the comment section below. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you have a great time celebrating with your loved ones.


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***This is my entry for #LoveBlossoms contest by IOI City Mall. Wish me luck!

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